the online health insurance marketplace from H&R Block.
we like to think of it as self-helpth.

Choosing health insurance doesn't faze you. You're ready to roll up your sleeves and tackle this head on. And H&R Block makes it easy to do just that with our Online Health Insurance Marketplace.

it's the same as the health insurance marketplace

Shopping for personal health coverage on the H&R Block website is just like shopping for coverage elsewhere. You will find the exact same health insurance plans with the exact same options and the exact same prices available to you. And of course, your online experience will be secure and confidential.

did we say, "the same?" we meant, "better than."

Actually, it makes more sense to shop for health insurance on the H&R Block website. Why? Live customer support. If you have any questions or confusion, you can speak with a certified and licensed Health Care Advisor over the phone or through live online chat while you enroll.1 They can even help you choose a health plan. The online platform and its services are at no additional cost to you.2

with our helpthful online features, you can...

  • Estimate your household eligibility for the Advance Tax Credit
  • View and compare health plans
  • Complete the federal or state Advance Tax Credit eligibility form
  • Select a health plan and complete the enrollment process
  • Pay your health plan's monthly premium through the platform
  • Set up a tax appointment for questions about health care and your taxes

Access the H&R Block Online Health Insurance Marketplace to begin shopping for health plans today!

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Online Health Insurance Marketplace

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