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Can I claim a deduction for my new roof?

Maybe. A new roof might qualify for the nonbusiness energy property credit. To claim the credit, both of these must apply:

  • You made qualifying improvements to your main home.
  • The improvements increased your home’s heating and cooling efficiency.

In 2013, the credit is limited to 10% of the purchase price for each eligible item. The items include all of these:

  • Foundation
  • Roof
  • Walls
  • Doors
  • Windows

Eligible items are those that:

  • Meet or exceed criteria established by the 2000 International Energy Conservation Code
  • You installed in your main home in the United States
  • You were the original user of
  • Are reasonably expected to remain in use for at least five years

The product’s maker will have a certification statement. It shows the eligible building components and their climate zones. You must install each component in the specified climate zone.

You can deduct 10% of the purchase price for each eligible item. However, the credit has a lifetime limit of $500 . No more than $200 of that limit can apply to windows and skylights.

You can't deduct installation costs.

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