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The Tax Institute is H&R Block's independent research and analysis division.

A Local Tax Partner with a Global Network of Resources

When you partner with H&R Block to prepare and file your taxes, you not only work with the most experienced, best trained tax preparers in the industry, you also get access to a global corporation with access to the best research and insight available anywhere. One example of this is The Tax Institute.

The Tax Institute at H&R Block is the go-to source for objective insights on federal and state tax laws affecting the individual. The Institute provides information and analysis on the real world implications of tax policy and tax proposals to individuals, policymakers, journalists, tax policy experts and tax preparers.

Tax Laws Change Frequently - We Make Sure You're Covered

The laws affecting your taxes can change frequently and often with little notice. Our experts at The Tax Institute make sure that H&R Block tax professionals are always up-to-date, ensuring that you get the best, most current advice available. We review every change to tax law as they go into effect and assess their impact on your tax situation, providing you with practical and current information on complex tax issues in plain language.

The Tax Institute draws from the expertise of credentialed tax policy specialists including CPAs, Enrolled Agents, attorneys and former IRS agents with seasons of experience and access to H&R Block's extensive national network of industry experts and data.

Check out a few examples of the reference materials The Tax Institute creates.

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Health Care Reform: Key Tax Law for Individuals in 2014 
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Tax In the News

The Tax Institute also creates a newsletter translating changes to tax rules into plain English to help you stay informed. To subscribe, please email us at thetaxinstitute@thetaxinstitute.com

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The Benefit to You

Knowledge is power. And, when it comes to taxes, it can also mean money. Your money. Having access to the most current advice and insight from The Tax Institute, gives H&R Block tax preparers a big advantage and helps ensure that your tax return is done correctly, minimizing your tax bill and maximizing your deductions and refund.

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