Taxes For U.S. Expats In The United Arab Emirates

If you’re a U.S. citizen or green card holder living in the United Arab Emirates, U.S. taxes can feel like another complicated item you have to worry about while living or working abroad. So let H&R Block and our seasoned tax pros help you file easily and securely. Whether you need expat tax advice on filing from abroad, information on FATCA and FBAR rules, we have articles to help you gain a better understanding of expat tax requirements.

Tax Tips for U.S. Expats in the United Arab Emirates

Check out these tax tips to maximize your U.S. Tax situation while living in UAE.

What Your UAE Earnings May Mean for Your U.S. Taxes

If you are an U.S. expat working in the UAE, your earnings are free of foreign tax, but what can you do to minimize your U.S. tax liability? Good record keeping is imperative. Find out more about claiming exclusions and expenses.

Catching Up With Prior Year U.S. Tax Obligations

You haven’t filed your U.S. taxes in a while... maybe never since you’ve been living abroad. What should you do? Let our tax experts offer some expat tax tips and advice to get you started.

Tax Filing Deadlines

Most U.S. taxpayers must file U.S. tax returns and pay any taxes due by April 15 of the following calendar year. If you’re a U.S. citizen, this rule applies to you even if you’re an expat living and working in another country. However, if you’re an expat the rules for expat tax deadlines are a little different. Let us break it down for you.

Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

If you’re a U.S. expat, you might be able to exclude foreign earned income from U.S. taxes up to for . This exclusion is available only for earned income and doesn’t apply to passive income. Find out what’s included and what’s not.

FBAR / FATCA Information

New rules on financial reporting will affect expats. If you're an expat who hasn't been filing returns and FBARs, this could affect you. Find out what the rules are, and how they may impact your taxes.

We can help with your U.S. taxes

Evan White, JD
Region Tax Manager
United Arab Emirates

We can help with your U.S. taxes

Evan White is a tax attorney who has worked with H&R Block since 2011. Evan began working with Expat Tax Services in 2013, focusing on voluntary disclosure options offered by the IRS for noncompliant expats. Evan specializes in business, investment, foreign pension, informational reporting and compliance matters. Find out more about our team of expat experts by checking out our team information.

More About U.S. taxes in United Arab Emirates
U.S. Tax Filing Deadline for Americans Abroad

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Expat Tax Guide

We understand that U.S. taxes for expats can be complicated. It’s why we put together a simple expat tax guide to filing and staying compliant when you’re abroad, with answers, articles and guidance on what to do and where to start.

Do I need to file U.S. and local taxes as a dual citizen?

Do I need to file U.S. and local taxes as a dual citizen?

Can I file my U.S. taxes remotely with H&R Block?

Can I file my U.S. taxes remotely with H&R Block?

As a citizen working abroad, what are my tax requirements?

As a citizen working abroad, what are my tax requirements?
View Our Expat Guide

Do I need to file U.S. and local taxes as a dual citizen?

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We guarantee that your tax return is 100% accurate. Although our expat tax advisors are among the best in the business, they’re human. If your advisor makes an error on your expat taxes, H&R Block will pay all resulting penalties and interest. When you choose H&R Block to prepare your U.S. tax return,  you will have the assurance knowing it will be prepared accurately every year. 

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If you're not 100% satisfied with the expat tax preparation service you received from H&R Block, we'll continue to work to make sure you are and do whatever is necessary to make it right. We want to earn your business and referrals to friends, colleagues, and family.

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We offer 2 convenient ways to prepare your taxes – let us prepare and file your return using our virtual tax preparation service from anywhere, or visit us in an office in your country.

Expat Tax Preparation from Anywhere

Work with one of our expat tax experts from wherever you are. Just fill out the form below to get started on your U.S. tax return. Protecting your information is important to us. As the largest global tax preparer, we maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect the information you submit to us.

  1. Register online and complete your expat tax organizer
  2. We assign your tax advisor and provide a price quote
  3. We prepare your U.S. tax return
  4. Pay for and review the return
  5. We file your return with the IRS

We specialize in simple to complex U.S. taxes for expats:

  • Federal tax preparation and filing
  • State tax return preparation and filing
  • FBAR filing (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts)
  • Past-due tax returns from prior years
  • Year-round audit support
  • Free extension filing
  • Tax consulting and advice
  • Local tax return preparation in some countries

Our pricing is tailored to meet the unique situation for each Expat client – from the simple to complex. Our prices are very competitive with local or U.S.-based accountants and a much better value than large accounting firms. We will provide a precise fee quote. Assuming there are no additional forms or complexity once the process begins, the fee you are charged will be the same as the estimate that you receive upfront.

To provide a range, with simple employment income and some bank account interest only, the typical price for a tax return prepared and filed is between $300 and $500 USD. Additional costs will apply for:

  • State tax filing requirements
  • Foreign investments
  • More than 5 non-U.S. bank or financial accounts
  • Rental properties
  • Income from self-employment
  • Ownership of businesses and trusts
  • Local country taxes (where applicable)