Bank Forms

This is a helpful source for finding the right form for your banking needs.

Direct Deposit Request Form

This form can be used to initiate a 1-time or recurring transfer between your H&R Block Emerald Savings Account or H&R Block Easy IRA and an account held at another financial institution.
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CD IRA Redemption Form

To withdraw funds from a CD IRA.
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Change of Beneficiary for IRA

The IRA Designation or Change of Beneficiary Form for traditional and Roth IRAs is designed to assist you in selecting or changing the current beneficiary designation of your IRA.
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Deposit Slip

To make deposits into an Easy Savings or Easy IRA account.
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Interested Party

This form should be used to designate interested parties to be added to or removed from your account(s). You can authorize interested parties to make phone inquiries on your account or to receive a duplicate copy of your statements. This form will not grant Power of Attorney and does not provide authority to request distributions from an account.
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Power of Attorney

This Power of Attorney certification form is required to grant an individual Power of Attorney over 1 or more accounts.
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CD Redemption

To withdraw funds from a CD account.
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Change/Add Beneficiary for Savings or CD

To change or add a beneficiary to a Savings account or CD.
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Information Sharing Opt-Out Notice

To limit sharing of personal information
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IRA Distribution Form

To withdraw money from an Easy IRA.
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Wire Request

For wiring funds from your account to an account held at another financial institution.
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Withdrawal Form

To withdraw funds from your Savings account.
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