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IRS Notice CP14

You have unpaid taxes

Each year, millions of taxpayers are faced with a tax bill they can't afford to pay. If the IRS sends you a notice about an unpaid balance, the first thing to do is make sure the amount is correct. Let the experts at H&R Block research your balance and make sure you don't wind up paying any more than what's required.

What happened?

  1. You received a CP14 notice because your unpaid taxes or underpaid taxes (for the tax year listed) and payment is now required. This notice will show the taxes, penalties and interest you owe, and the credits applied to the balance due.
  2. If the IRS doesn't get a response within 21 days, more penalties will be charged.

How can H&R Block help?

  • Occasionally the IRS is missing information and sends CP14 notices in error.
  • After reviewing your situation, we'll determine your best options and see if you qualify for one or more IRS payment plans.
  • If penalties have been assessed, we'll see if you qualify to have them removed.

Have questions about a CP14 notice you received? Schedule a FREE consultation with an H&R Block tax professional today. We'll sit down to review your notice, answer your questions, and, if necessary, recommend next steps to get your issue resolved.

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So how much will you get (or owe) this year? That’s the million-dollar question. We happen to have three very useful calculators to help you estimate your refund or balance due.

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