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IRS Notice CP2000

Each year, the IRS sends millions of CP2000 notices, but not all of these notices are sent correctly. Before you attempt to contact or pay the IRS, let H&R Block help you make sure the notice doesn't contain any errors.

Proposed changes to your Form 1040

What happened?

  1. The income, credits and deductions reported on your return don't match the income information reported to the IRS from other sources, such as your employer, bank, businesses and other payers.
  2. The IRS sends a CP2000 notice of changes to your return because of the discrepancy. You have 30 days to act on the proposed changes to Form 1040, and if the IRS hasn't received a response within 30 days, it will go ahead with the Form 1040 changes.

How can H&R Block help?

  • When the IRS calculates the taxes you owe on the CP2000, it does so at the highest tax rate and with no deductions. We'll make sure you're not paying more than required.
  • Penalties are not always calculated correctly. We'll make sure you haven't been incorrectly penalized.
  • CP2000 notices are occasionally related to identity theft. Come into a tax office and we'll look into your IRS account and research the source of the discrepancy.

Have questions about a CP2000 notice you received? Schedule a FREE consultation with an H&R Block tax professional today. We'll sit down to review your notice, answer your questions, and, if necessary, recommend next steps to get your issue resolved.

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