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IRS Notice CP42

Your Form 1040 overpayment was applied to tax your spouse owes

When the IRS credits your refund to previous tax debt stemming from a joint return, the first question to ask is "Who owes the taxes?" H&R Block tax professionals will investigate the situation and see who is responsible for the money owed.

What happened?

  1. Your spouse filed a 1040 resulting in owed taxes.
  2. Your recent joint tax return resulted in you getting a refund.
  3. The IRS sent a CP42 notice to inform you they have applied some or all of this refund to pay your spouse's outstanding tax bill.

How can H&R Block help?

  • Unfortunately, sometimes people are deceived by spouses (or former spouses) about their tax situation. We will discuss your current situation and see if you qualify for Innocent Spouse tax relief.
  • If you don't qualify for relief and can't afford to pay the amount owed, we will discuss if you qualify for one or more payment arrangements with the IRS. We'll look into your tax situation and show you your best options.

Have questions about a CP42 notice you received? Schedule a FREE tax consultation with an H&R Block tax professional today. We'll sit down to review your notice, answer your questions, and, if necessary, recommend next steps to get your issue resolved.

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So how much will you get (or owe) this year? That’s the million-dollar question. We happen to have three very useful calculators to help you estimate your refund or balance due.

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