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IRS Notice CP85B

Verify that your Qualifying Child is allowed for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)

The IRS can challenge the Earned Income Tax Credit if it perceives there's an error on your return. The IRS does this using information it has on file, and challenges are generally based on income, dependents and/or filing status. Let H&R Block help you determine if you qualify.

What happened?

  1. You filed a tax return claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit with a qualifying child.
  2. The IRS sent CP85B because its records indicate the dependent you claimed might not qualify as your dependent, and therefore you may not qualify for the Earned Income Credit (EIC). You must confirm with the IRS the child listed on the tax return is a qualifying dependent to be eligible for the tax credit.

How can H&R Block help?

  • Occasionally, the IRS is missing information in its records and sends CP85B notices in error. We'll look into the Earned Income Credit you claimed and confirm if you qualify.
  • We'll review your tax situation and make sure your tax return was prepared correctly.
  • If we discover the child doesn't qualify as your dependent, we will help you prepare and submit an amended tax return.

Have questions about a CP85B notice you received? Schedule a FREE consultation with an H&R Block tax professional today. We'll sit down to review your notice, answer your questions, and, if necessary, recommend next steps to get your issue resolved.

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