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In many situations, you can free file your taxes. The IRS does not charge a fee to you to file your taxes. In fact, you can download all of the tax return forms, complete the forms, and mail them to the IRS without any charge to you. Most people, however, want the ease and convenience of free online tax filing. This sometimes comes with a fee

To file your taxes electronically for free, individuals will need to utilize a service that will provide this option. Again, the IRS does not charge a fee for filing your taxes. Free file services are available to most people. There are free, online fillable tax forms available that allow you to complete the documentation and submit it electronically to the IRS. This can make getting your taxes completed easier to do.

Free tax prep help is harder to find. If you need help completing your taxes, there are documents and banks of information available through the IRS. You can also call with your questions. However, it is sometimes better to use a paid service to ensure you get the most accurate and complete tax return possible. This could increase your refund (or decrease the amount owed) by helping you to qualify for more credits and deductions.

There are numerous benefits to using the free income tax filing services available. One key reason is that you'll submit your return electronically, which means the IRS can process it faster, and you'll get your refund faster. You can even get direct deposit using this service.

When it comes to completing your taxes, improve your chances of a bigger refund by using H&R Block. You will still be able to free file your taxes, but you will also get expert advice and guidance when completing your return.

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So how much will you get (or owe) this year? That’s the million-dollar question. We happen to have three very useful calculators to help you estimate your refund or balance due.

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