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I forgot to enter some of my income on a return I already filed. Can I file amended return information -- Can I still file a correct tax return?

Yes, you can file amended return (Form 1040X) to add any missing income that will correct your tax return. You can frequently create an amended return in the same program you used for your original return. If the return you’re amending isn’t for the current year, you can't do the amendment in our online program. You can only do amended returns for the current year.

If you used our software installed on your computer and still have the program and the data file on the computer, you can amend any return in that version to create a correct tax return.

Alternatively, you can do the return manually using instructions and forms downloaded from the IRS website.

You can't e-file Form 1040X. You'll need to print and mail it as soon as you complete your amended return.

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