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I need to know where to file Form 1041. My grandmother received interest income after she died -- Do I have to file a Form 1041 for her estate?

Regarding where to file Form 1041, you must file Form 1041: Estate Tax for any year when the estate has either of these:

  • Any taxable income
  • Any gross income for the year -- taxable or not -- of at least $600
  • A beneficiary who's a nonresident alien

Gross income is income from all sources before deducting expenses.

File the return each year by the appropriate filing deadline for the estate's tax year. You shouldn't wait until the estate is finalized before filing the annual returns.

Report all taxable income your grandmother received before or on her date of death on her final Form 1040. Write “Deceased” at the top of the Form 1040, page 1. The personal representative must sign page 2. You can use records -- like bank statements -- to allocate the income between the two returns.

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