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IBM With Watson

We're giving our Tax Pros the power of Watson.

H&R Block has partnered with IBM to provide our clients with a new, one-of-a-kind customer experience. In doing so, we're combining over 60 years of tax expertise with Watson cognitive computing technology from IBM. With that much knowledge at our fingertips, all we can say is,

"Hello, maximum refund."**

Our Tax Pros and Watson.

Now it's personal.

Imagine combining the brainpower of our Tax Pros with the cognitive computing of Watson. We're creating our most personalized tax experience ever. How personalized? For starters, you now have your own monitor. It allows you to follow along with your Tax Pro and Watson. Your info, your credits, your deductions — it's all there for you to see.

Uncovering every deduction available to you.

That's getting your taxes won.

Imagine being able to understand all 74,000 pages of the U.S. tax code along with thousands of yearly tax law changes and other information. Plus, Block's deep insights built from over 600 million data points. Yes, 600 million. That's the future we're building with Watson. By combining the power of our Tax Pros with Watson's technology, we'll uncover every deduction and credit available to you. So that you get every last cent you deserve.**

That moment when you finally find "the one."

There are many right ways to fill out a tax return. And the IRS will accept them all. But there's only one way that's best for you. Should you itemize your deductions? Should you file jointly? Your Tax Pro, armed with Watson, will guide you down the one path that is not only right, but right for your individual tax situation. So you get the most money back – guaranteed.

Personalized tax advice for the upcoming year.

We also offer tax tips for your unique tax situation. In fact, we're able to pull from over 60 years of tax knowledge to derive insights that are specific to your next year's taxes. Your Tax Pro will provide you with tips that can help you get even more money back next tax season.

Some things you just have to see for yourself.

Words don't always do this partnership justice. Take a look at how our Tax Pros and Watson are going to get you every last cent you deserve.

+ How does this technology benefit me?

It's making our ability to prepare your tax return even better. You already know about our deep tax expertise, but now we are providing our Tax Pros with additional, cutting-edge technology that will help lead to the best outcome for you. By integrating IBM Watson with the expertise of our Tax Pros, H&R Block is able to provide you an engaging, highly-customized service that helps you better understand how your Tax Pro is getting you the best tax outcome based on your personal tax situation.

+ How exactly does the application work?

The technology is designed to highlight areas of possible tax implications based on a personalized cognitive interview. When a client first sits down to work with their Tax Pro, Watson ingests that initial conversation about what has happened with the client in the previous tax year – home purchases, marriages, birth of a child, somebody entering school or leaving the military – and helps H&R Block Tax Pros draw insights on areas where tax implications are expected.

The client is able to follow along and view progress on their own dedicated 23" monitor as the Tax Pro guides them through the filing process. The new client experience highlights all the key moments of the tax preparation process in easy to follow consumer-friendly language and visually appealing graphics, ultimately making the tax preparation process more engaging and transparent, reassuring the client that they are getting the best results for their unique tax situation.

There are many paths clients can take to filing an acceptable return. The Tax Pro, relying on his/her experience, knowledge and judgement, assesses the options and determines the best solution based on each client's individual, personal tax situation.

+ What is Watson doing with my personal Information?

Both IBM and H&R Block are committed to protecting personally identifiable information. Watson doesn't receive any PID from H&R Block. H&R Block retains your personal information and keeps it secure. What we provide to Watson is information around what has changed in your tax situation.

+ Has Watson done taxes in the past and why is it particularly well-suited to this application?

This collaboration will mark the first time Watson is being applied to tax preparation. There is a massive amount of data required of Tax Pros – 74,000 pages of the U.S. tax code, and thousands of yearly tax law changes; plus, Block's deep insights built from over 600 million data points. IBM Watson can absorb, correlate and learn from this huge amount of information and help H&R Block Tax Pros make recommendations on the best options for the client. H&R Block Tax Pros, with Watson, analyze the information, put it into context and recommend the most advantageous tax filing options for a client's unique situation. IBM has extensive experience applying Watson to data-rich and complex industries like healthcare, finance and education, using cognitive capabilities to derive insights and support better human decision-making.

What about Watson?

Health care. Education. Fashion. These are just a few of the fields Watson is already revolutionizing. Now, this technology is about to change the way people do their taxes. This is the future of tax preparation. And H&R Block, along with Watson, is leading the way. Want to learn more about Watson? Take a look at the FAQs.

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