Here to help you manage your side hustle taxes.

It’s not uncommon for those with a full-time job to take on a side hustle. Just remember any extra income has tax implications like business deductions and 1099 forms. At H&R Block, there’s an online filing experience for all your tax needs.

Self-Employed Online

  • Claiming deductions
  • Traditional W-2 income

Why use H&R Block Self-Employed Online?

From start to finish, our Self-Employed Online filing experience is designed to get independent contractors every dollar they deserve.

Customized for those with 1099 forms

Covers tax situations that include W-2 income, child tax credits, and student loan interest

Maximizes gig work deductions

Add expert help if you need it

Is my work considered gig work?

Most likely, if you identify as a rideshare or food delivery driver, marketplace seller, freelancer or have some sort of side job. Whatever your side gig, each has its own deductions that could lower your taxable income.

Rideshare & food delivery drivers

Putting you in the driver’s seat with your taxes.

Common deductions:

Mileage/car expenses


Insurance & Registration

Marketplace sellers

Making online filing easy for those selling online.

Common deductions:

Internet expenses

Shipping fees

Business portion of your home

Extra income from side gigs

Less filing work for freelancers, contractors, and task masters.

Common deductions:

Office supplies

Advertising costs

Tools & equipment

What deductions could I claim?

Consider these common deductions available to help you save more on your taxes. Not claiming deductions? Deluxe Online may be a better fit for you.

Deductions you may not have thought of:

Mobile phone bill

Vehicle repairs/depreciation

Auto loan interest

Photography/videography equipment (when used for listings)


Your tax prep comes with built-in reassurance.

Max Refund Guarantee

If you find a bigger refund somewhere else, your tax prep is on us.

Upfront transparent pricing

Our No Surprise Guarantee means you know the price of tax prep before you begin.

Experienced tax pros

Our pros have an average of 10 years’ experience handling even the most unique tax situations.