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H&R Block offers twice as many forms as TurboTax — completely free — so you won't have to upgrade & pay more for simple returns. Enjoy free online filing for federal and state for a limited time.

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Why wait for the IRS? You could get an interest-free loan up to $3000 the day you file. This H&R Block benefit is available at your local office until February 28.

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With upfront, transparent pricing & more ways to file than ever before, you can count on us to make your tax life easy. Plus, H&R Block offers convenient refund & payment options so you can get the most from our expert tax services.

Amazon Refund Bonus

Put some or all of your refund on an Amazon.com gift card and we'll add a 5% bonus. File online & select this H&R Block promotion when you're finished filing.

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No matter how you file, pay nothing out of pocket with Refund Transfer. With this H&R Block benefit, your tax prep fees will be deducted directly from your refund when your services are complete.

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