Ways to File Taxes Online

You get a lot when filing online with Block.
Including the most money possible.

Online tax filing with Block means having the ability to file taxes online from any device, a fast and easy way to upload your tax information, and the option of a having your return checked by a Tax Pro before filing. It also means getting your absolute maximum refund guaranteed.Disclaimer number 84. Scroll to bottom of page.

Free Edition

Best for new filers or
simple tax returns

Free. Zip. Zero. $0 FEDERAL $0 STATE

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Best for homeowners
and deductions

per state filed

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Best for investors or
small business owners

per state filed

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All H&R Block Tax
Online Products Include:

  • Maximum Refund Guarantee
  • Free Federal E‑File
  • File on smartphone, tablet, desktop
  • Data Security Learn More
  • 100% Accuracy Guarantee

The Online Tax Filing Experience

Online tax preparation gives you the freedom to file when and where you want on any device. And whether that means on your sofa, in your PJs, or on your sofa in your PJs, with Block you’re never on your own. You’ll have unlimited chat advice from a tax expert should you need it, the option to have your return reviewed by a Tax Pro,Disclaimer number23. Scroll to bottom of page. and more.

File online and have your work reviewed by a Tax Pro

It Truly is the Best of Both.

You do your taxes online. But you want to be certain that you’ve found every credit and deduction you deserve. No problem. Now when you file taxes online with Block, we have checkpoints throughout the process to see how you’re doing. If you need help or you’re second-guessing your work, have no fear. You have the option of having your return reviewed by a Tax Pro without having to visit an office. It's called Best of Both.Disclaimer number23. Scroll to bottom of page. And it’s offered with H&R Block online tax preparation.