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"I have been using for years now and it has made it so easy to get my taxes done quickly and with a maximized refund. It was easy to input my education tuition expenses enabling me to get credit for a larger refund. I recommend."

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Online Tax

Most tax-preparing businesses offer online tax services to enhance convenience for customers. But, not all online services are created equally. Since the competition in this market is fierce, consider these four important services when choosing your own preparer.

1. Accessibility of customer service

One of the major disadvantages of filing taxes online is that you can't easily ask questions. Excellent customer service is crucial for bridging this gap. Before settling on an online tax preparation service, be sure to look for customer service hours, communication options, and the actual quality of the advice.

2. Value

Filing online is typically less expensive than traditional filing services, but remember to be penny wise without being pound foolish. What this means is you should weigh the quality of the service with its price. The price tag on basic packages might look tempting, but remember that it might not have the best payoff in the long run.

3. Multi-device capacity

The Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project found that 56 percent of U.S. adults are now smartphone owners, while 34 percent own tablets. Since filing is such a long, complex process, accessing tax preparation services from multiple devices ensures a faster filing and better convenience.

4. Return speed

In some cases, the speed at which you receive your return will depend on how the IRS processes it. However, most companies will know the average time span of return receipts. If you don't see this information listed on the provider's website, contact the company directly for precise information.


H&R Block strives to offer tax-filing services that exceed customer expectations. Even better: complex cases and in-depth questions can easily be sorted out by simply visiting your nearest H&R Block tax filing center. When you use these criteria, H&R Block is the clear choice.

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