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"I'm a first-time tax filer, and I came to H&R Block simply for advice on how to get through those (scary!) forms. Instead of advice, I found the easiest, most user-friendly, and effective tax filing I could have hoped for. I will be using this service next year, and recommending to my friends!"

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How to File Taxes Online

According to the Internal Revenue Service, nearly one billion taxpayers have e-filed Form 1040 since 1990. Last year alone accounted for almost 100 million of this figure. Although this practice is becoming increasingly popular, not everyone has the proper tools and training to bring about the most successful results. So here's how to file taxes online, the right way.

Choose a service provider

This one might seem obvious, but choosing the right provider makes all the difference. H&R Block offers free online tax prep with the most accuracy and maximum refund guaranteed.

Collect all necessary materials

Similar to filling out the traditional 1040, doing taxes online requires very precise information about your income, expenses, and deductions. All of the employers you've had in the past fiscal year are responsible for sending you a W-2 form. In the event that you haven't received a W-2 form, it's important to contact these employers to have a new one sent right away. If you can't get in touch with these employers, contact the IRS to have a new copy mailed to you.

Ask for help

Just because you're primarily responsible when you do your taxes online doesn't mean you can't utilize outside resources. A tax professional at H&R Block is always willing to give expert advice, either over the phone or at one of our many locations. H&R Block's tax professionals are experienced with completing taxes online which ensures quick answers and a maximum refund.


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