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My spouse is a foreign citizen who hasn't applied for an SSN and hasn't lived or worked in the United States. Which filing status do I use?
I lived six months in Massachusetts and six months in another state. My job for the entire year was in Massachusetts. How do I report my Massachusetts income?
If I'm self-employed, how do I create a W-2 for myself?
I moved to take a new job. I couldn't claim moving expenses on my 2014 return since I hadn't worked at my new position long enough. Can I deduct my moving expenses this year?
Why didn't my employer take any federal withholding taxes out of my paycheck?
If my employer didn't withhold any taxes, what do I need to file?
If I have an amount on my W-2, Box 12, what is it and is it added to my income?
Can I have my refund deposited into two different accounts?
If I did some home renovation projects, can I deduct the sales tax on the items I bought for the project?
How should I file an extension for my partnership LLC?
Can I deduct the cost of tax-prep software?
If a business operates without paying taxes, what possible IRS penalties does it face?
If I received a W-2 and a 1099 from my company, where do I report my 1099 income?
How do I know if I qualify for the child tax credit?
If I report Form 1099 self-employment income, how do I report my expenses?
I'm married with my own business. Should I file jointly with my husband for our personal income and file a separate return for my business?
What do the boxes and codes on the W-2 mean?
How long do I have to be in school to be considered a student for the education credits?
If I received too much in unemployment benefits and have to repay the overpayment, do I have to claim my unemployment?
Can I deduct the cost of gas for my car?
Does my federal Form 8379: Injured Spouse Allocation apply to my state return as well?
If I sold some employee stock shares through an online brokerage and taxes were taken out at the time of the sale, how do I report this?
Can I claim an undocumented person as a dependent?
What's the maximum income I can have and still deduct student loan interest?
What's my cost basis if I exercised my company stock options?
My partner and I bought a house together. We're not married, so how do we split the home mortgage interest deduction?
Is my student loan deductible?
If my child earns income, does he or she need to file a separate return?
I lived in Indiana in 2015 but moved to Utah for a new job in 2016. My new employer gave me a salary advance in late 2015. Do I have to file a Utah return?
I got married in September, but my spouse and I maintained separate households through Dec. 31. Can I be considered unmarried for the year and use the head of household filing status?
Will reporting the information on my Form 1098-T increase my refund?
I'm an active-duty military service member. What's my state of residence?
If I have a balance due on my return and can't pay it, how do I set up a payment plan with the IRS?
My company withheld city taxes from my paycheck. However, the taxes withheld aren't on my W-2. How can I report my city taxes?
Do I have to report my tip income?
I found an error on my return, which I already filed. However, I haven't received my refund yet. Can I correct my return before I receive my refund?
I received a Form 1099-MISC but didn't pay quarterly estimated taxes during the year. Will I owe an underpayment penalty?
What's a capital gain or loss?
Can I claim a deduction for childcare if I don't have the childcare center's EIN?
What are the requirements for claiming my parents as dependents?
Can I claim a family member who's not my child but who lives with me as a nondependent for EIC purposes?
We bought a vehicle in 2014, but we forgot to claim the sales tax on our 2014 return. Can we claim the tax on our 2015 return?
Does my vehicle qualify for the plug-in electric vehicle credit?
After I file for an extension, how much time do I have to file my return?
Where do I report nonqualifying stock option sales?
If I list my business as "doing business as" (DBA), do I need to file additional forms?
How do I decide which education credit to claim?
I'm the executor for an open estate. How should I file?
How do I deduct mileage when I'm an employee?
What are the AMT income thresholds?
If I'm getting a refund, why would I owe an underpayment penalty?
If I withdrew money from my Roth IRA that was less than my total contributions, are my withdrawals exempt from taxes?
If my spouse files separately and itemizes, can I file using the standard deduction?
Is Social Security disability income taxable?
Can I deduct my entire tuition?
Can I report my LLC losses on my personal return?
If my child made $5,000 last year, does he have to file?
How many dependents can I claim without the IRS red-flagging my return for an audit?
When do I have to pay self-employment tax?
Who can I claim as a dependent?
I receive a foreign pension and don't have an employer identification number (EIN). How do I report my income?
If I claim more exemptions than I actually have on my W-4, will it make a large difference in the taxes I owe?
What can offset my refund?
If someone (other than a qualifying child) who lives with me doesn't work, can I claim him as a dependent?
If I received Forms 1099 listing interest and dividends after I filed my taxes, do I have to file an amended return?
Do I report foreign wage income in the W-2 and Form 2555 topics?
How do I file for a Georgia extension?
Can I claim my children for the EIC but not as dependents, so my ex-spouse can claim them as dependents?
Why can't I itemize?
What credits are available for college students?
If someone claims me as a dependent, can I claim my child as a dependent?
If my W-4 states I'm married, can I file as single?
If I took continuing education courses from a college that doesn't send out a Form 1098-T, how can I deduct my tuition?
If my child was born in 2015, can I claim the child and dependent care credit?
I don't claim my child as a dependent, but I pay for her tuition. Can I still claim the education credits?
Can I deduct items I bought to make my home more energy efficient?
How many education credits can I claim on my return?
If my child attends college full-time and earns income, can I claim my child as a dependent?
If I bought my first home this year, which items on the HUD-1 form can I enter as deductions?
If my spouse and I use married filing separately, can one of us claim all of the mortgage interest and property tax deduction?
I was the beneficiary and fiduciary for an estate. The estate had less than $600 income in 2014, so I didn't file a return. The estate closed in 2015. Do I need to file a final 1041 for the estate?
My child's other parent is filing as head of household and claiming our child as a dependent. Can I claim our child for the EIC?
My children get state assistance and have earned income. Can I claim them as dependents?
How can I add another W-2 if I've already filed my return?
If my previous employer made me roll over my 401(k) funds into a traditional IRA, how should I report it?
How much interest and property tax can I deduct, and how many years back can I claim them?
What's the difference between taxable income and AGI?
Can I deduct interest I pay on my car loan?
How do I report an inheritance I received by check?
Can I claim someone as a dependent who's never lived with me?
Does the EIC go up with each child I claim?
If my employer doesn't reimburse my expenses, can I deduct the standard meal allowance for days I'm away from home for work?
Do I have to report my Social Security benefits?
Can I deduct medical expenses for my pets?
Why did I get an e-file error stating that I have a possible incorrect SSN for my dependent?
I'm over 24 years old but I live with my parents, who provide more than half my support. Can they claim me as a dependent on their return?
If we sell a rental property that has had a big drop in value, can we deduct any of the loss?
If I owe back taxes to the IRS, will the IRS take my state refund to pay it off?
If I was self-employed, do I report my income?
Will the IRS deduct any liens from my refund and then send me the remainder?
I applied for a federal extension online. Does the extension apply to my state return, too?
If my company terminated me, do I need to pay the 10% penalty on my employer retirement plan withdrawal?
How are Roth IRA contributions taxed?
If my adult child receives food stamps, will I still be able to claim her as a dependent?
I keep records of my business mileage, but not the actual gas receipts. What can I claim on my return?
If a high school student watches my children during summers and after school, can I claim the childcare credit?
What amount of childcare expenses can I claim without a receipt?
If the person I'm claiming as a dependent doesn't fit any of the relationship options, what should I choose?
If I got married in 2015, should I file a joint return or a separate return?
If I have a student loan, but I'm approved for a deferment, will the IRS take my refund?
What types of penalties come with a short sale?
What are the requirements for claiming a full-time college student as a dependent for EIC purposes?
I filed for an extension on my 2014 return, but I never filed that return. I should receive a refund on my 2014 taxes. Can I file a 2014 return now?
Can I claim mileage or gas expenses for traveling to and from my college?
If I paid my tuition with a Pell Grant, can I claim it as an education expense?
My child married and moved out of my home in 2015. She and her husband filed their taxes as married filing jointly. Can I still claim an exemption for her?
Can I deduct my rent payments?
If I file an amended return to increase my charitable donations deduction, will I be at risk for an audit?
How can I find out if energy-efficient items I bought for my home qualify for energy credits?
When I file for an extension, do I have to pay my entire balance due?
Can I claim both the child tax credit and the Earned Income Credit (EIC)?
If I never received my state refund from last year, how should I handle that on this year's return?
Do I need to report scholarship and grant money I received as income?
My child is a dependent receiving Social Security benefits. How do I report these benefits?
My mother died this year. Do I need to file a return on her behalf?
If I contributed $5,500 to each of my two Roth IRA accounts, will I owe a penalty?
We didn't give W-2s or 1099s to our babysitters who work in our home. Are we required to do so?
If I'm filing returns in two states, how is my EIC figured?
My withholding status has been married with no dependents. If I change my W-4 to single with no dependents, will my take-home pay be less or more?
If my only income was a lump-sum early withdrawal of my 401(k) plan and SSDI, do I have to file?
What do I need to have on-hand to prepare my taxes?
If I use my vehicle for work, can I claim drive time and gas if I have no receipts?
If I donated more than $5,000 in clothes and used household items to a charity, how do I report my donation?
Can I claim out-of-pocket dental expenses as medical expenses?
Will my spouse's tax debt affect my return?
Last year, I rolled over a 401(k) plan from my former employer into a Roth IRA. I then made a withdrawal from the Roth IRA. Since I'm only 31, is this considered an early withdrawal?
If my dependent died during the year, can I still claim him?
How do I check the status of my refund?
My mother lives with me and I pay all her expenses, but she receives some income from Social Security. Can I file as head of household?
If my dependent didn't live with me for the entire year, can I still claim him as a dependent?
Can I deduct my automobile insurance premiums?
Are real estate taxes the same as property taxes?
If I file as head of household, can I claim the EIC?
What do I report for my rental if my expenses are more than my income?
I have medical expenses that aren't enough to deduct on our federal return. Can I deduct the expenses on my state return?
Can I deduct Medicare premiums?
If I sold a home that I rent out, will I have to pay capital gains on the sale?
If I was pregnant most of the year, can I claim my baby?
Can I claim my new air conditioning / heating unit for an energy credit?
Can I report my W-2 income and get my refund and then file another return with my Form 1099-MISC income?
Is the child tax credit the same as the EIC?
If I bought a used vehicle this year, what deduction can I claim?
Do I have to wait until I receive all my Forms 1099-MISC before I file my return?
If I live in one state and earn income in another, how do I report my income?
If I didn't report all my deductions last year, what should I do?
When does my employer have to issue my W-2?
Where can I find the estimated taxes I paid for 2013 and 2014?
If I accidentally claimed an incorrect exemption amount on my W-4, what will happen?
If I bought a used car in 2015, can I deduct the sales tax I paid on it?
How much do I have to earn to claim the additional child tax credit?
If I file my federal return one day after the filing deadline, will I have to pay penalties or interest?
If I'm self-employed, can I deduct COBRA payments for the self-employed health insurance deduction?
If I lose money on my hobby every year but I received a Form 1099-MISC for my hobby income, how do I report it?
I have an LLC that's still active, but I didn't operate it or earn income from it this year. Do I still need to file a Schedule C?
If we're married filing separately, do we need to add our incomes together on each return?
How much federal tax should I withhold?
My brother is totally disabled and lives with me. He receives a monthly Social Security disability income check. I provide his housing, food, clothing, transportation, and other expenses. He gives me money each month for these services. Is he a dependent?
How do I determine the basis of real property with improvements?
How do I claim mileage?
If I lived apart from my spouse all year and made monthly payments to her, can I claim the payments as a deduction?
Can I claim disabled family members as dependents?
If I received scholarships, do I qualify for education credits?
How much do I have to make by selling products at home parties or from catalogs before it's mandatory to file taxes?
If I receive SSI, do I report it as income?
Where on a Form 1040A do I report my Form 1099-R gross distributions and taxable amounts?
If I don't have receipts for my charitable donations, can I claim the donations?
My siblings and I inherited our mother's home. I bought the house from the other siblings and later sold it. What is my basis, and how do I report this transaction?
I'm the executor of my mother's estate. She died in 2013, but the estate still isn't finalized. Should I wait until the estate is final to file an estate return?
I'm active-duty military. I need to file both last year's and this year's returns. How do I go about filing for two years?
If I pay a caregiver to care for my disabled spouse, how can I claim a dependent care credit?
Since my nanny is an illegal alien, I paid her under the table. However, she's filing a return and using her individual tax identification number. If the IRS asks who she works for, will I be penalized?
How many dependents can I claim?
I started a business in 2015. My start-up costs were more than my income. How do I report my net loss?
How do I figure capital gains and losses for Schedule D?
If my child earned income and received a W-2, how do we file?
My only income is from cleaning houses, and I didn't get a W-2 or a 1099. How do I file my taxes?
How do I file an extension for my S-corporation return?
My ex-spouse and I split our children's expenses and support. The children lived with each of us for six months of the year. Who can claim them?
What are the age and income limitations for dependents?
If I didn't claim the EIC last year, can I still claim it?
When can I deduct medical expenses?
Can I deduct the cost of my child's private pre-kindergarten school tuition?
If I'm separated from my spouse, can I file as head of household to get the EIC?
I didn't receive all the Forms 1099-R I need to file my return. Since I know the amounts and don't want to file an extension, what can I do?
How much interest income can my dependent child earn before being required to file a return?
If I have self-employment income, can I claim the EIC?
When do I need to claim disability payments?
My husband isn't a U.S. citizen, but he has an SSN and permit to work in the United States. Which filing status do we use?
I inherited two bank accounts and part of a mutual fund when my father died. The estate still isn't settled, but I've received the money. Do I have to pay taxes on this income?
What are the income limitations for the EIC?
If I'm self-employed, can I deduct my cell phone as a business expense?
Can I claim my daughter's significant other and his child as dependents?
I'm married filing separately. How can I claim the child tax credit?
How can I pay the taxes I owe?
Can I deduct moving expenses only if I buy a home in my new location?
I received a corrected 2014 W-2 in 2015. Can I report it on my 2015 return?
How much can I withdraw from my IRA without having to pay the 10% penalty?
If this is the first time my spouse and I are married filing jointly, why aren't we getting a state refund?
If I paid my way through cosmetology school, do I qualify for any credits?
Can I claim a deduction for paying down my student loan?
Can I claim my foster child or adopted child as a dependent?
Can I deduct attorney fees I paid for a divorce?
Can I deduct my homeowner's insurance premium?
If I take early withdrawals from my Roth IRA to pay higher-education expenses, will I pay a penalty?
If I'm a single graduate student with no dependents who's filing single, which credit should I claim?
When I report my total wages on Form 1040, Line 7, do I include my Social Security income and unemployment?
If I was supposed to get a refund last year but didn't file a return, can I still file for that year?
My ex-spouse has already claimed our child as a dependent, but the child lived with me all year. Can I claim the child? If so, how do I file?
How do I find out why the IRS offset my federal refund?
If I have different dependents than I did last year, will I be audited?
Is there a credit for having a new baby?
If I report my 401(k) distribution, will I have to pay taxes on it again if taxes were withheld from my distribution?
Why is the refund I received less than the refund shown on my return?
My partnership Schedule K-1 shows a small amount for nondeductible expenses. Do I report this on my personal return?
I work in a foreign country for a foreign company that doesn't issue a W-2. How do I report my income?
Which work-based deductions can I claim?
Where can I find my 2014 AGI?
How much of my freelance income should I put aside for taxes?
My two siblings and I inherited my mother's house after her death. It remained vacant until we sold it. The selling price was less than the appraised value. Can we deduct the loss?
I sent in my tax payment, but it hasn't been cashed yet. How can I find out if the IRS received my check so I don't get any late-payment penalties?
I manage my own rental property, so I don't receive a 1099. Where do I enter my income from these properties?
What should I do if I have more deductions than what I earned?
If I just e-filed my return but noticed a mistake, can I stop the e-file?
How much income do I have to make before I’m required to file taxes?
How much can I make as a daycare provider before I have to pay taxes?
We have an existing installment agreement with the IRS. We can only make a partial payment for what we owe for 2015. How should we pay what we owe this year?
Do I have to report disability payments from an insurance company?
If I claim 0 dependents on my W-4, can I claim as many dependents as I actually have on my return?
My adult sister and her child lived with me more than six months. Can I claim them as dependents?
If I use my personal vehicle at work and I'm not reimbursed for the mileage, can I deduct mileage?
If I had to sell my house to relocate for a new job, can I exclude my capital gains?
If I claim the standard deduction, can I deduct charitable donations?
How do I calculate the basis of my home and land when I figure my home office deduction?
How can I deduct business expenses?
My spouse and I each received a cash gift totaling $32,000. How do we report this?
Can I deduct my 529 contributions?
How do I report my Roth IRA contributions?
If I'm self-employed and didn't pay estimated taxes, can I possibly get a refund?
If I claim a child who's not my own as a dependent, can I claim the child tax credit?
Do I need to report the profit I made on the sale of a home I owned for 15 years?
I missed putting a prior-year item on my return last year. Can I put it on my return for this year?
Which energy credits are available for second homes?
What proof do I need to document my medical expenses?
Are HSA contributions deductible under the AMT?
How can I tell from my Form 1099-R if my distribution came from a SEP, IRA, or SIMPLE plan?
I bought a vehicle last year for my agricultural business. Can I take the full deduction this year rather than depreciating it?
If I contribute to a 401(k) plan, can I open an IRA to reduce my taxes?
If I bought a house this year, which what fees and expenses can I deduct?
How much money can my parents give me before it's taxable?
How do I report a scholarship I received for education expenses?
I forgot to report my IRA rollover. How can I report this now?
I inherited part of my father's retirement account and received a Form 1099-R. Do I have to report this as income?
If I received a lump-sum distribution from my former employer, how can I avoid the 10% penalty?
How can I get a list of all the income I earned last year?
What's the minimum dollar amount I need to donate to claim charitable donations?
Why didn't my refund go up after I entered my charitable donations?
How do I report sales of stocks from a Form 1099-B?
If I sold rental property in a short sale and received a Form 1099-S, how do I report it on my return?
How do I report a patronage dividend I received that's included on a Form 1099-PATR?
After I filed my return, I received a revised Form 1099-DIV that reclassified my stock dividends. They changed from ordinary dividends to qualified dividends. Should I amend my return?
How do I know if I qualify for the EIC?
My child's Form 1098-T has his SSN on it. Since I claim him as a dependent, can I claim the education credits and deductions for him?
Is there a gross cap on medical deductions?
Can I deduct the mileage I drive to and from medical and dentist appointments?
How do I estimate my tax liability on my extension?
How do I know the value of donations I made to Goodwill or other charitable organizations?
Can a noncitizen claim the standard deduction?
Can I include the sales tax in the price of an item I'm claiming for a deduction?
Should I use the standard mileage deduction or actual expenses to claim auto expenses?
How do I report my online gambling winnings and losses?
If I want to itemize, which documents do I need?
What are the qualifications for the additional EIC?
My spouse and I have used married filing jointly for years. Can we use married filing separately this year?
My return was accepted a few days ago. However, when I log in to the "Where's My Refund?" tool on the IRS website, I get a message saying “No results to report.” Why is this?
If my parents don't claim me as a dependent, can they claim the education credits for my college expenses?
What expenses related to my second home can I deduct?
If I rent out an apartment in my home, how do I claim a deduction for rental expenses?
If my home was foreclosed and I received a Form 1099-A, how do I report it?
How do I report a Form 1099-MISC with an amount in Box 3?
Can I deduct the cost of gas I bought to drive to school and back?
Should I report all information from the Form 1098-T I received from my university?
I got my Schedule K-1 from my business partner. I think he claimed deductions for the LLC that aren't valid. How do I protect myself?
Can I e-file my amended return?
What is the percentage amount withheld for Social Security and Medicare?
Can I file an extension so I have more time to raise money for the taxes I owe?
If I sold a house, am I exempt from capital gains tax?
Is a 401(k) the same as a traditional IRA?
If I can't pay my estimated taxes on Jan. 15, what will happen?
Am I taxed on the interest my IRA earns or just if I take a distribution?
I want to claim a charitable donation deduction. Do my donations to a single charity have to total $250 or more?
Someone used my daughter's SSN on a return. Will this delay my refund?
Can I claim an energy credit for renovations I did to my manufactured home?
If I forgot to enter some of my income on a return I already filed, how do I correct my return?
I have multiple stock trades on my Form 1099. Can I consolidate and enter them on my Schedule D as one trade for the whole year?
Can I deduct funeral expenses for a family member?
I'm getting a divorce, but it won't be final until 2016 . I'm also the primary custodial parent of a minor child and can claim her on my 2015 return. What filing status should I use?
How do I claim my unreimbursed work expenses?
Can I deduct my college education expenses?
If my only income was Social Security benefits, can I claim the child tax credit?
Can an unmarried couple file their returns together?
If my business has no income, should I file a return?
If I cashed in an IRA before age 59 1/2 to pay student loans, will I owe a penalty?
What's the deadline for an amended return?
If I bought a vehicle, can I deduct the sales tax?
If I'm self-employed, do I have to claim deductions or losses that might affect my EIC?
I closed the bank account in which I was to receive my direct deposit refund. How will I get my refund?
My daughter is a full-time student, but she also made money working part-time. Does she need to file a return?
If I rented out my home for less than my mortgage payment, do I have to report the rental income?
I started a business but didn't make any money. I only lived off of savings, child support, credit cards, and some stock I sold. How do I report that?
How do I claim my capital loss carryover from last year?
I'm not sure I'll finish my return before the deadline. Can I file an extension?
How do I report interest I earned on a foreign bank account?
Can two roommates who each have their own children file for head of household at the same address?
I took a distribution from my 401(k) because of financial hardship. Is this an exception to the 10% early withdrawal penalty?
Is depreciation on my residential rental property subject to the AMT depreciation adjustment?
I moved and don't have my W-2. Since I know how much I earned, do I have to file an extension?
Can I deduct HOA fees for my rental condo?
Why would I owe an underpayment penalty?
I lost my home in a foreclosure. How do I report this?
I sell items I make at craft shows. Can I report the expenses associated with making crafts I sell?
Can I deduct the medical expenses related to the birth of my child?
If I'm receiving student loans to pay for my education, can I claim any education credits?
If I paid my mom more than $400 to babysit my children, does she have to report the babysitting income?
Can I amend my return online?
If my children received student loans and scholarships, can I claim an education credit for their college tuition?
I have to take continuing education classes to keep my teaching certificate. What education credits can I claim?
If my spouse and I file separate returns, does the person who claims the child also get to claim all expenses for that child?
I haven't filed a federal return for the last few years. Do I have to file those returns?
If I've already filed my return for this year, can I amend my return to add dependents? Can I also add a dependent on a prior year?
I'm an independent contractor without my own business. Where do I enter my expenses?
If someone else claims my spouse as a dependent, can I use married filing jointly?
I'm a noncustodial parent, but I've been claiming my kids for five years. However, I never signed Form 8332. Will this cause problems with the IRS?
When can I use the qualifying widow(er) filing status?
What's the EIC?
If I'm on disability, do I qualify for the EIC?
Our divorce decree states that my ex-spouse can claim one of our children each year, yet I pay 100% of their support. Can I ignore the divorce decree and claim both of my children on my return?
If I'm a self-employed barber in a barber shop, how should I file and what expenses can I claim?
I had my baby in December, but I still haven't received her SSN. Can I claim my child as a dependent without it?
Where can I find my confirmation number for my extension?
If I have a Form 1099-C from my second mortgage, is that considered a cancelled debt?
How does depreciation affect itemizing deductions?
If I received workers' compensation, do I report it on my return as taxable income?
My adult child under age 24 goes to school but doesn't live with me during the school year. Can I claim my child as a dependent?
If I'm a member of the clergy, how does my housing allowance figure into my income?
I received money from a parent after my grandparent died. Does this count as a cash gift or an inheritance?
My employer pays me mileage, but it's a lower per-mile rate than what the IRS allows. Can I claim the difference?
Can I deduct closing costs for a mortgage refinance?
If I report income I earned in my nonresident state on my resident return and my nonresident return, won't I be double-taxed?
Can I claim myself as a dependent?
If I didn't file a return last year, what should I do?
If I take a Section 179 deduction on the full purchase price of a vehicle, can I depreciate anything on the vehicle on future returns?
Why would I have to pay the AMT?
What are the qualifications for the child and dependent care credit?
If I'm married filing separately, can I claim the EIC?
I have a debt offset for student loans. Can the IRS take this debt out of my refund, including the amount I receive for the EIC?
Who can claim head of household status?
Is my entire mortgage insurance premium deductible?
What can I do to get a state refund instead of having to pay each year?
Do I have to report Social Security disability income?
Can I claim food and lodging expenses for the time I worked as a truck driver?
What's federal income tax withheld?
The rental income I receive for a house I own is only enough to cover the mortgage. Do I have to report it?
I'm a first-time homeowner. How will this affect my refund?
Can I claim farm animals or pets as dependents?
Does getting unemployment affect my refund?
Can I deduct property tax that was paid from an escrow account?
If I was self-employed for only a few months, can I deduct health insurance premiums I paid all year long?
If I received a lot of money as a gift, do I have to pay taxes on it?
If I'm a full-time student, do I need to report work-study income?
I e-filed and mailed in my return. What will the IRS do?
Can I deduct the 10% early withdrawal penalty?
If I have receipts for Goodwill donations totaling less than $5,000, do I also need a letter from Goodwill?
I deduct my mortgage insurance premiums. Can I deduct homeowner’s insurance too?
I only have a few months of employment and unemployment income this year. Should I claim myself and my children, or let my fiance claim us?
If I was paid in cash, do I have to report my earnings?
How much of my SSDI is taxable?
My child received student loans. Are the loans included in my income limitation to claim him as a dependent?
If I don't claim my child as a dependent, can I claim the childcare credit?
Can I deduct money I tithe to my church as a charitable donation?
If the IRS applied my last year's refund to past tax debt, can I write it off on this year's return?
My spouse and I file married filing separately and itemize our deductions. How do we split our charitable donations?
I'm paying child support for my children, but they don't live with me. Can I claim them as dependents?
If I received a grant, what education credits can I claim?
I paid for my son to attend college. This year, he graduated and filed his own return. Can I deduct the tuition I paid for him?
Do I claim jury duty pay as income?
If I pay my day labor workers in cash, how do I report them?
My grandmother received interest income after she died. Do I have to file a Form 1041 for her estate?
I'm eligible to claim a credit for 35% of our health care premiums for employees. How do I claim the credit?
I have a rental property in Colorado that provides income. However, I live in another state. Do I need to file a Colorado return?
What's the income limit for claiming education credits?
Why is my refund so different from last year?
I'm claiming an energy credit. Why didn't my refund go up?
How many college credit hours do I need to claim the American Opportunity Credit?
I received a Form K-1 reporting dividends from a trust. How do I report it?
I'm missing a Form 1099-INT. If I don't get the information by the filing deadline, how should I report the income?
Since my husband is the only member of the family who's employed, should he file as head of household?
If I'm self-employed and don't have 1099s from everyone I worked for, how can I complete my return?
I receive a disability pension from Veterans Affairs (VA). Am I considered disabled for tax purposes?
How do I calculate and file estimated taxes?
My federal return was accepted, but my state was rejected. Will my federal refund still be direct deposited?
If I owe back child support, will my refund be delayed?
I received a Form 1099-R after I filed my return. What should I do?
If I'm a childcare provider without a W-2, what do I file?
My spouse and I are filing separately. Can we split our itemized deductions?
My son has been receiving Social Security survivor benefits since his dad died. In the past, I haven't had to claim any of these funds. Does it make any difference if my son was adopted?
Can I let someone else claim my dependent on her return?
Do I add state and local taxes together when claiming itemized deductions?
I'm a full-time student who earns income, but someone else paid my tuition. Can I claim any education credits?
In 2008, I bought my home for $89,000. I made about $10,000 in home improvements. So, my total investment is now $99,000. How much can I sell the house for without having to pay back the $7,500 first-time homebuyer credit?
Can I deduct the cost of putting a new roof on my home?
If I want to use my state refund to pay my federal tax debt, can I file my state return now and file my federal return in April?
I have amounts withheld from my paycheck to fund my HSA. Are those considered contributions by me or by my employer?
How much of exemption can I claim per dependent?
What documentation do I need to claim expenses for my in-home business?
Can I deduct clothing and tools I bought for my job?
Can I deduct prepaid mortgage interest and real estate taxes?
Is personal property tax deductible?
Why don't I qualify for the Saver's Credit?
My child makes more than $4,000 but lives at home. I pay all his expenses. Can I claim my child as a dependent?
If I'm a senior who's been in college more than four years, do I qualify for the American Opportunity Credit?
What job-hunting expenses can I deduct?
Where can I find my AGI on my W-2?
What are the exceptions to the early withdrawal penalty?
My disabled brother can't live alone, so he lives with me. If he gets workers' compensation but I pay most of his expenses, can I file as head of household?
My child is over age 24, lives with me, and goes to school. Can I claim him as a dependent?
My family members receive Social Security and supplemental security income (SSI). Can I still claim them as dependents?
I received dividends and interest income during the year. Do I have to report them?
We only collected rent for our rental property for 10 months out of the year. Can we claim the mortgage for the other two months as an expense?
I lived in another state for part of 2015. How should I file?
My child paid his own tuition, so I didn't claim a Form 1098-T on my return. However, I claimed him as a dependent. Now, he's not able to claim the 1098-T on his return. Should I amend my return?
Will the IRS directly deposit my refund on an exact day based on when I file?
If I claim my son as a dependent, can I deduct his student loan interest?
Can I deduct child support payments I make?
I sold my main home at a loss. Do I report this on my return?
Can I deduct car repair expenses?
How do I know if a capital loss or gain is short- or long-term?
My health insurance premiums are withheld from my paycheck pre-tax. If I itemize, can I deduct the premiums as medical expenses?
When will I get my refund?
If I check the status of my federal refund on the IRS website, which amount do I put as my refund?
Will my refund be more if I'm married filing jointly or married filing separately?
If I pay for my children's private school, can I claim an education credit?
If I can't claim my child as a dependent, can I still claim medical expenses I paid for my child?
What's the standard depreciation method for computers and computer equipment?
I pay my caregiver in cash, and she doesn't want to report that income. Can I claim the childcare credit?
Can I deduct money I spend remodeling my home?
Do I have to report child support I receive?
Should I use married filing separately in years when I have large medical bills?
What qualifies as a second home?
My child's father and I take turns claiming our child on our returns. If this isn't my year to claim our child, can I still file as head of household with a dependent so I can claim the EIC?
I'm the beneficiary of an insurance payout on the death of a relative. Do I need to include this as income?
If I've owned a rental property for 10 years but have never claimed depreciation, can I claim it now?
If I pay a relative to care for my children, can I claim the childcare credit?
We withdrew IRA funds to pay education expenses. However, the Form 1099-R, Box 7, shows Code 1, reporting no exception applies. How do I get back the amount taken out for an early withdrawal penalty?
How long does a person have to live with you before you can claim that person as a dependent?
If I withdrew Roth IRA funds of amounts I contributed four years ago, why am I charged a penalty?
If I drive to my place of employment and then use my car to drive for my job, which mileage can I deduct?
What's the difference between allowances and dependent exemptions?
Can I claim a nonchild relative as a dependent?
What's the maximum Saver's Credit I can receive?
I'm a truck driver. What deductions can I claim?
If I filed bankruptcy last year, will I lose my refund?
What's a Schedule C?
What's the difference between a deduction and a credit?
How can my refund be more than the federal taxes withheld on my W-2?
How do I know if I have enough medical expenses to claim a deduction?
Which medical expenses can I deduct?
How do I claim a per diem for overnight trips I took for my job if I wasn't reimbursed?
Should I itemize or use the standard deduction?
If my spouse and I are divorced, who gets to report the Form 1099-G that came with both our names on it?
I'm a college student, and my parents' dependent. Can I claim money I donated to a charity on my own return?
I opted out of my employer's health insurance plan. Can I deduct the health insurance premiums my wife and I pay on my wife's Schedule C?
How much self-employment income do I need to earn before having to pay quarterly estimated taxes?
If my only income was unemployment benefits, can I claim the child tax credit?
If I file for an extension online, can I also pay my taxes online?
If I pay dependent care expenses for a disabled adult dependent, can I claim the child and dependent care credit?
If I received an insurance check for an auto-accident injury, do I report this as income?
Can I claim my spouse as a dependent?
If I relocated for a new job, can I deduct moving expenses?
I have an LLC that I solely own. I included my LLC income and expenses on my Schedule C. Do I still need to file a separate return for the LLC?
I received a Form 1098-T after I filed my return. Do I need to amend my return?
I paid many expenses for my child who's attending college. The expenses include tuition, apartment rent, utilities, and credit card bills. Since she's in college, what expenses can I deduct?
When I file for an extension, what should I count as my tax payments?
If my job requires me to have a cell phone, can I deduct the business use of it?
Can I deduct my state sales tax?
If my spouse is incarcerated, should I file jointly or separately?
After I filed my return, I learned that I used the wrong filing status. Should I amend my return?
When can I e-file?
What's the maximum I can earn to receive the child tax credit?
My child paid his own tuition last year. So, I didn't report Form 1098-T: Tuition Statement on my return. However, I claimed him as a dependent. Can he claim the education credit on his return?
My spouse and I are separated and live apart, but we're not divorced. What filing status do we use?
This is the first year my child received a W-2. Will she need to file a separate return?
Can I deduct gambling losses?
I already filed my taxes, but I forgot to claim some deductions and credits. The deductions and credits don't affect my refund. Should I amend my return?
If I claim the standard deduction, should I also report my itemized expenses and donations?
I had a balance due for my federal and state 2014 taxes. I paid both balances in 2015. Can I claim these taxes on my 2015 return?
I'm a full-time graduate student. What education credits and deductions can I claim?
What are the qualifications for resident aliens for tax purposes?
Can I deduct medical expenses if I used a credit card or got a loan to pay them?
I separated from my spouse in 2015. Do I qualify to file as head of household?
How do I know if my bank received my direct-deposit refund?
I have a 1098-T from my child's college. It reports her tuition and fees, scholarships, and grants. She also has student loans. To claim the American Opportunity Credit, can we apply the loan to the tuition and fees first?
I need to file a prior-year state return, but I can't find my prior-year W-2. What should I do?
If I itemize on my federal return, do I have to claim my state refund as taxable income?
I claimed my two college-age children on my return but shouldn't have since they're filing on their own. What should I do?
If I'm self-employed, what vehicle expenses can I deduct?
Can I have my refund deposited into a bank account not in my name?
I e-filed my return, and it was accepted. Then, I amended my return. Will I still get the original refund amount?
Do I have to claim all of my disability income?
My spouse and I sold our home in a short sale. We received two Forms 1099-C. Both have our names on them, but one has her name first and the other has my name first. Box 2 on each contains the same amount. How do I report this?
My child's Form 1098-T, Box 4 has an adjustment made for a prior year. Box 6 shows adjustments to scholarships or grants for a prior year. How does this affect my return?
How do I report the pension amounts from my Form 1099-R?
How do I complete a Schedule D?
I bought a new car in 2015. When I used it for business, my company reimbursed me for mileage. Can I also depreciate the car?
I give my adult child money each month to support herself and her children. Is this a tax-deductible gift?
How do I claim the adoption credit?
I don't have any earned income, but I received a Form 1098-T. Can I file and receive education tax breaks?
My daughter receives a scholarship for room and board. Her W-2 lists the school as her employer, with Box 1 wages. Her 1098-T lists Box 5 scholarships. Do I report the scholarship on my return?
The amount I received from my Pell Grant is more than the amount billed for tuition and related expenses on my Form 1098-T. Will I be taxed on the excess amount?
I filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 last year. However, I didn't receive a Form 1099-C. How do I report it on my return?
I moved out of the country for a full-time job. Do I have to pay federal and state estimated taxes on income I earned outside the country?
I was covered by my parents' health insurance until September 2015, and then I enrolled in my own. My insurance is a HDHP, and I have a HSA. Will I owe a penalty for failure to maintain coverage?
My son received a Form 1099-Q. Does he have to report his earnings from this plan, or can he claim some deductions for education expenses?
I received a 1099-Q in my name, but I used the funds to pay the tuition of my college-aged child. Do I report the 1099-Q amount as my own income?
It's my ex-spouse's year to claim our child, but our child lived with me all year. I want to file as head of household. Can I do this?
I sold my home in a short sale in 2015 for thousands of dollars less than the amount I owed on it. We didn't buy another home, and are renting an apartment. Do I have to report the sale on my return?
The IRS sent me a letter saying an adjustment to my return means I owe additional taxes. If I don't agree, what do I do?
Can I deduct union dues?
I sold my home before living in it for three years. If I had to move for my job, do I have to repay my first-time homebuyer credit?
In 2014 I earned $4,000. I didn't file, since I would only have received a $15 refund. Can I file this year without having filed last year?
I made a mistake by filing as head of household. The different status doesn't change my refund amount. Do I need to amend my return?
I lost my federal refund check. Is there a way to get a new check?
My wages are garnished for payment on my student loan. Will my refund be taken for payment on my student loan?
If my spouse died before signing her return, what should I do?
I set up an installment plan to pay my federal taxes. Is there a penalty if I pay off my debt early?
Can I deduct medical expenses I paid with money from an HSA account?
What's the difference between the child tax credit and dependent exemptions?
I pay Medicare premiums and supplemental insurance premiums. Do these count for the self-employed health insurance deduction?
Can I deduct my health insurance premiums?
I won money from a casino in a different state than where I live. The casino sent me a W-2G. Do I have to file in that state?
My son is a full-time college student, living in our home and working full-time. Can I claim him for the EIC?
I live in one state and work in another. To which state do I pay estimated taxes?
Can I deduct my expenses for going to my job each day?
What's the difference between a W-2 and Form 1099-Misc?
How do I enter my Form 1099-Misc information?
How can I fix something incorrect or missing on my W-2?
If I receive Social Security benefits and raise a young child, do I qualify for the EIC?

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