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Editor’s Note: While our Free EZ offer has ended, you can still read about the benefits of working with our Tax Pros to get your taxes won with H&R Block.


If you’re looking to file your federal Form 1040EZ, you may be considering trying to save money by filing your taxes yourself vs. hiring a pro. But taking that route means missing out on the help of an experienced tax professional.

With Free EZ at H&R Block, you could have received expertise for free.Disclaimer number108. Scroll to bottom of page. That’s like having your cake and eating it too.

Benefits of Filing Your Federal 1040EZ With H&R Block

While filing your taxes is a necessary task, it’s not one you have to figure out on your own. Having a Tax Pro from H&R Block by your side can offer many benefits over the alternative. So, what are the perks of working with one of our pros?

  • Confidence – By far one of the greatest comforts of working with a professional tax preparer is knowing that your taxes are being done right. When you work with H&R Block, you can be certain that you have an expert in your corner.
  • Convenience – By IRS estimates, individuals need five hours on average to complete the record keeping and form submission for a federal 1040EZ.* Working with a Tax Pro, who speaks the tricky language of taxes, means you can file quickly and easily.
  • Maximizing Your Refund – When it comes to your taxes, you don’t want to run the risk of missing anything. While it may seem like a cost savings to do your own taxes, you might miss credits and deductions. H&R Block guarantees your maximum refund.Disclaimer number84. Scroll to bottom of page.
  • Flexibility – Life is busy. We get it. That’s why we offer convenient locations and hours, so we can best serve you. You can even drop off your taxes, letting you focus on other things.

Trust H&R Block With Your 1040EZ Filing

We understand how important your refund is. That’s why we’re dedicated to getting you back every dollar you deserve.  With 60 years of tax expertise, you can trust you’ll always get your maximum refund — guaranteed. When you visit our offices, you’ll sit side-by-side with one of our Tax Pros as they complete your filing. Step-by-step, they’ll be happy to answer any of your questions along the way.


*Form 1040EZ time estimate based on information from the IRS

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