Can I Really File My 1040EZ Taxes for Free?

Filing your federal 1040EZ form for free sounds great, right? But you may be wondering if such an offer can really be true. Can you really get your 1040EZ taxes done for free? With H&R Block’s Free 1040EZ, available at participating offices, you can absolutely file your federal 1040EZ tax return in person at no cost.

What You Need to Know About H&R Block Free EZ Filing

Want to hear more? Review the details below to learn more about Form 1040EZ and how Block lets you file yours for free.

  • Free then, free now. The H&R Block Free 1040EZ promotion is not a trial offer or just for first-time clients. You can take advantage of Free EZ this year even if you used it or any other H&R Block product or offer in the past.
  • Not all free options are the same. When you choose to file your 1040EZ with H&R Block, you gain access to valuable tax expertise because you’ll file your taxes in person with one of our Tax Pros. They know everything about taxes so you don’t have to.
  • 1040EZ form filer profile. Millions of taxpayers use Form 1040EZ each year. Tax filers are eligible to use the 1040EZ form if you meet the IRS conditions, such as filing as single or married filing jointly with no dependents. For full list of requirements, see our Free 1040EZ frequently asked questions.
  • All good things must come to an end. Here’s the catch, the caveat, the crux: Whatever you call it, it’s important to know that this offer won’t be around for long. Free 1040EZ is a limited time offer that will end on February 28.

Filing Your 1040EZ Form for Free at H&R Block

Taking advantage of Free EZ is just one great part of your experience with H&R Block. Not only can you rely on more than 60 years of tax expertise from the company that invented the industry, you’ll also get your maximum refund—guaranteed.Disclaimer number84. Scroll to bottom of page.

Filing your return at Block gives you the confidence your taxes are done right and you won’t miss anything. Why consider using anyone else?

Complete Your 1040EZ Filing for Free Now

The clock is ticking. Don’t miss out on the benefit of working with the experts at H&R Block and file your 1040EZ for free. Remember the Free 1040EZ offer is only available until February 28.

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