I have a tax question related to Social Security and taxable income. Is Social Security disability income taxable?


Many people have tax questions concerning Social Security and taxable income. Depending on the total amount of income and benefits you received for the tax year, these benefits might be taxable:

  • Social Security, including monthly retirement
  • Survivor
  • Disability

The determine if Social Security disability income is taxable or if any of your benefits are taxable, compare these:

  • Base amount for your filing status (shown below)
  • Half of your Social Security benefits
  • All of your other income including tax-exempt interest

If your income is over the threshold, part of your Social Security will be subject to tax. The income thresholds for each filing status are:

  • Married filing jointly — $32,000
  • Married filing separately and lived with spouse at any point during the year — **fdSocSecTaxableInc3**
  • Married filing separately and lived apart from spouse for the entire year — $25,000
  • All others — $25,000

A child’s Social Security benefits are paid under the child’s Social Security number (SSN). So, they could be potentially taxable to the child, not the parent.

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