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It’s not difficult to find free tax software to file your taxes quickly and efficiently, but that doesn’t mean cutting costs will be worth it to everyone. If you have a standard tax form (W-2, 1099), an AGI of less than $57,000 and no major financial changes in the past fiscal year, filing for free could be your best bet.

Free File

It’s imperative to confirm that the software provider you choose is verified by the IRS. To make this job a little easier, the IRS offers a convenient service called Free File. The service helps direct qualifying individuals to free tax software that meets their needs. So what does it take for you to qualify?

Most free tax preparation software programs will serve individuals with an income of $57,000 or less. However, some companies will have even more stringent standards related to income cutoff, age ranges, or even specific states.

Small businesses beware

Finances may be pretty tight for entrepreneurs and small businesses, but free tax software might not be the way to go. In some cases, the free software may charge an additional fee for the more complex tax considerations relating to small businesses. Remember to research potential fees and compare total costs to competing small business tax software before filing.

H&R Block: At Home Free Edition

Our free software-filing system supports one the widest ranges of tax forms in the industry, beyond just the basic 1040 income tax returns. Free audit support and representation for filers provides a sense of security in the event that the IRS challenges your tax return.

Talk to an H&R Block tax professional at one of our many locations across the country for answers to your questions about saving with free tax preparation software. You can also browse our selection of tax software for investors, rental property owners and entrepreneurs to find the right filing solution for you.


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