What Are H&R Block’s Prices?

Filing your taxes can be intimidating, so it makes sense to seek expertise to complete your return or rely on trusted software or online options. But you may be asking, “what’s the cost of tax preparation?”

While this is a common question and one we’ve heard asked about H&R Block’s prices, there is no one answer that applies to all. The cost of tax preparation can vary depending on your situation and how you choose to complete your return.

H&R Block Costs for Do-It-Yourself

If you’re electing a do-it-yourself option, you can find H&R Block prices to file taxes online or use our tax software based on the situations that apply to you. Certain taxpayers may even be able to take advantage of free online tax filing.

H&R Block Rates for Assisted Tax Prep

When it comes to help with a Tax Pro in an office, you’ll find there can be a range of costs. What goes into determining the prices at H&R Block? Factors can include your filing status, your individual situation as well as additional products and services you select. As a general guide, you can anticipate that the more complex your tax return and financial situation, the more your tax preparation may cost.

Take a look at the examples below to help you understand the range of tax preparation complexity and to see where you may fall. To provide additional context, the average H&R Block cost for assisted tax preparation last year was under $225, including state tax filing fees. Furthermore, the average IRS refund was $2,763 for the 2017 filing season, underscoring the advantage of having a tax expert ensure you receive every credit and deduction possible.

Range of Assisted Tax Preparation

H&R Block prices complexity

As the table above illustrates, a less complex tax situation would cost less than a more complex one.

H&R Block Fees and Value

As you’re evaluating the fees associated with tax preparation, you should also consider the value you receive. Not all tax preparers are the same. Discover the benefits of working with H&R Block and why choosing us means getting your taxes won.

  • Filing Options for Every Taxpayer – Want to file online or in an office? At Block, we’ve got you covered. You can file on your own online or with installable desktop software. Want a little help? Have an expert check your work with Tax Pro Review. Or, if you want to leave it all to a tax expert without coming into an office, you can choose Tax Pro Go.
  • Intuitive DIY Options – H&R Block offers user-friendly do-it-yourself products built by the industry’s leading tax experts and innovators. Our intuitive features will guide you along the way, helping you file quickly and easily.
  • Tax Preparer KnowledgeH&R Block Tax Pros have on average more than 10 years of experience and more than 100 hours of training. They are dedicated to putting their experience to work to find the best outcome for you.
  • In-Office Experience – Step into one of Block’s offices and you’ll work with our knowledgeable, friendly tax experts. We’re so certain you’ll be satisfied, you only pay us if you accept your return.Disclaimer number85. Scroll to bottom of page.
  • Maximum Refund Guarantee – When it comes to your taxes, you want more than just accuracy. At H&R Block, your Tax Pro won’t rest until you get your maximum refund — guaranteed.Disclaimer number84. Scroll to bottom of page.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Block

H&R Block knows what your tax refund means to you. When you file with us, you have a trusted partner dedicated to getting you your maximum refund. Why leave your taxes to anyone else?

Make an Appointment with a Tax Pro today or find the online or software option that’s right for you.

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