Tax Filing Options: How to File With H&R Block


H&R Block is the tax filing solution for nearly any situation and experience level. In person or online, Block has your back.

tax filing optionsIf you’ve ever been confused about doing taxes, you’re not alone. The good news is that H&R Block is here to help you during tax season and throughout the year. Whether you’re new to filing taxes or have been doing taxes for years, and whether you’re just starting to earn income or have extensive assets to work with, H&R Block is your source for tax preparation.

Here are you tax filing options with H&R Block:

1 – Doing Taxes Yourself: Filing Taxes Online

H&R Block’s online tax filing options help you prepare and e-file your taxes from the comfort of home. No matter your situation, our online products are specifically designed to best address each customer’s specific needs.

Our online tax filing solutions will guide you through your tax preparation at every step, letting you file your taxes quickly and conveniently. With easy-to-use features that let you import last year’s information from competitors and snap-a-pic of your W-2, you’ll be on your way to filing your taxes in no time.

2 – Getting Personal Help In Our Office

Our highly skilled tax pros are dedicated to helping you understand your taxes. Leave your taxes to us, be as involved as you like.

With over 12,000 tax offices nationwide – many open year-round servicing too – there’s likely an office near you. So, filing in person might be easier than you think.

When you visit an H&R Block office, you’ll sit side-by-side with your tax pro and see step-by-step how they can help you get your maximum refund.

3 – Tax Software

With H&R Block tax software, you can prepare your taxes with confidence. Our drag and drop features make it easy to import tax and financial documents. Gain a sense of security in knowing that you’re backed with Tax Identity Shield®. You can choose from one of four types of tax software that best fits your personal situation.

Your Ways to File Taxes Are Abundant with Block

Doing taxes has never been easier. View more information on ways to file taxes with H&R Block.

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