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October 03, 2017 : Monica Welsh


For many taxpayers, April 15th comes sooner than anticipated!

Filing on-time requires digging up documents–a time consuming process. Luckily, the IRS provides an automatic six-month extension. The taxpayer must file a Form 4868 by April 18th 2017 the original due date for 2016 tax returns.

The six-month tax filing extension deadline is actively approaching. Here are some quick tips to complete your extended return in a timely manner.

Form 4868 Does Not Extend the Due Date of Your Tax Liability

If you filed for an extension through Form 4868, your time to file was extended but not the due date of your actual tax liability.

You will be required to pay interest plus penalties on the balance due if you did not pay at least 90% of your 2016 tax liability by the regular filing deadline. This applies even if you filed for an extension on time.

Tax Filing Extension Deadline

The exact due date for extended 2016 returns is October 16, 2017. The mailbox rule requires that your return is postmarked and sent by October 16 in order to make the filing deadline.

When an extension is filed your tax return process may be a bit more complicated than most. It’s always a good idea to start gathering the items needed to prepare your taxes as early as possible. This includes any Form W-2’s or 1099’s received throughout the year. Also, try to collect documentation for the credits and deductions you want to claim, such as mortgage interest, real estate taxes, or medical expenses.

Actions for Extended Filers

The tax filing date cannot be extended beyond the October 16th deadline. That means if you still owe for 2016, this is your last chance to complete a return without significant interest and penalties.

Lastly, there are a variety of elections that must be made on a timely filed return (including extensions). Therefore, not only will you be assessed interest and penalties on a return filed after the extension date, you may miss out on the possibility to make an election that could improve your tax standing.


Our Tax Pros are ready and waiting to help you complete your extended return. Please contact your nearest H&R Block tax office to make an appointment. We’re here to help ensure that you receive timely, trusted advice.

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Monica Welsh

Monica Welsh

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