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How to apply for or complete an ITIN renewal

January 17, 2018Applying for an individual taxpayer identification number for the first time or renewing an expiring ITIN, it could take up to 14 weeks.

H&R Block enters exclusive partnership with Walmart

January 16, 2018H&R Block will be the new, exclusive DIY desktop tax software provider available at Walmart stores nationwide, and sold directly by Walmart on

H&R Block reminds taxpayers document organization eases tax prep

January 15, 2018The tax professionals at H&R Block are sharing why organizing the correct financial documents and diy products is so important when filing your tax return.

H&R Block’s new Self-Employed product integrates Stride’s tax app, talks business, delivers value and expertise

January 05, 2018Stride partnership makes tracking expenses, discovering deductions and preparing returns easier for self-employed taxpayers

Tax survey shows gap between IRS refund delay and need for a refund

January 05, 2018The Refund Advance, a no-interest loan offered from January 5 – February 28, 2018, is repaid from the client’s federal or state income tax refunds.

H&R Block DIY installed software available for tax season 2018

January 02, 2018H&R Block DIY desktop software products for tax season 2018 are available at and retail outlets nationwide, including Amazon.

H&R Block tax offices open for 2018, offer free 1040EZ starting Jan. 5

January 02, 2018H&R Block opened its 10,000 offices nationwide to serve taxpayers during upcoming filing season. Millions can file 1040EZ for free at H&R Block tax offices.

Even New Year’s Eve babies qualify parents for child tax credit

December 27, 2017New Year's Eve Baby make their parents eligible for child tax credit. The following information can help first-time parents understand the exemption.

Here’s a Santa, there’s a Santa, everywhere there’s a Santa – but, what’s the real deal on Santa’s taxes

December 22, 2017Santa Claus exists – of course – and even he must pay taxes and so do other holiday seasonal workers

H&R Block brings back Jon Hamm for encore year of Get Your Taxes Won campaign

December 22, 2017H&R Block campaign illustrates that the concept of winning at tax time is in finding all the credits and deductions taxpayers are entitled to.

H&R Block analysis: virtually all taxpayers affected by tax reform

December 20, 2017The new tax bracket and tax rate structure will impact most taxpayers. Homeowners, high-tax state residents and families face most significant changes

Top ways to raise funds for your adoption journey

December 18, 2017Adoptive families may also take advantage of the federal adoption tax credit which is worth up to $13,570 (for 2017) for each child they adopt.

New H&R Block Tax Pro Go is assisted tax prep – minus the trip to the tax office

December 13, 2017New H&R Block Tax Pro Go is an innovative assisted tax prep gives clients upfront pricing, maximum refund and freedom, minus the trip to the office.

Tax Identity Theft: How it happens and how to fix it

December 07, 2017Tax Identity Theft is the largest growing identity theft crime and H&R Block is explaining what it is and how to fix it.

H&R Block Announces Refund Advance of Up to $3,000

December 07, 2017H&R Block will make available a Refund Advance of up to $3,000 from BofI Federal Bank to current and new clients as millions face refund delays

H&R Block Announces Fiscal 2018 Second Quarter Results In Line with Expectations

December 06, 2017

H&R Block and the Roasterie Café Collaboration Opens at 4231 Main St.

December 01, 2017Partnership between Kansas City entrepreneurs Henry Bloch and Danny O'Neill yields innovative space in midtown for coffee and tax prep services.

H&R Block DIY Online now available for taxpayers to start returns

November 30, 2017H&R Block DIY Online now available for taxpayers to start returns. H&R Block is continuing to offer Tax Pro ReviewSM as an option for all DIY online clients

Remove the bullseye: Prevent a small-business tax audit – with an audit

November 25, 2017To lower the chances of an audit and prepare to defend a tax return in the event of an IRS audit, a small business should conduct their own informal audit.

H&R Block to Release Fiscal Second Quarter Results December 6, 2017

November 20, 2017

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Tax Reform: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

H&R Block advises taxpayers that while many of the changes will not affect individual taxpayers’ tax liability until they file their 2018 tax return in 2019, virtually all taxpayers will be impacted beginning January 1, 2018 including changes to their paychecks in early 2018.

H&R Block Tax Pro Go

Starting Jan. 5, with the innovative, new H&R Block Tax Pro GoSM experience, H&R Block clients can do what they want and get their taxes done by a tax professional.

Disaster and Casualty Loss Tax Advisory Service

H&R Block will be offering a new, nationwide free tax advisory service to help victims navigate extensive tax relief options

H&R Block with Watson

H&R Block explains how the new collaboration with Watson affects you and your taxes.


A new tax law requires the IRS to hold entire refunds of millions of taxpayers until at least Feb. 15.