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H&R Block Emerald Advance® line of credit offers consumers up to $1,000 before holidays and year-round

November 20, 2017The H&R Block Emerald Advance line of credit allows consumers to borrow and pay back millions of dollars to improve their financial situations.

Ways to give back, and then get back at tax time

November 16, 2017Taxpayers who want to take a charitable contribution deduction on their tax return should follow these guidelines to get money back at tax time.

Denied reimbursements by employers could mean a tax benefit

November 14, 2017You may be able to deduct your unreimbursed employee expenses on your return and get a tax benefit

Video: 10 end-of-year tax tips for procrastinators and planners alike

November 13, 2017Here are 10 tax tips taxpayers can use, whether they’re just starting to think about their 2017 tax return or they’re putting the final touches on their tax plan.

Meet Rick Fowler: Traffic manager for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and tax office IT fixer

November 09, 2017Meet Rick Fowler: Traffic manager for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and tax office IT and computer fixer for H&R Block.

How to apply for or complete an ITIN renewal in 2017

November 08, 2017Applying for an individual taxpayer identification number for the first time or renewing an expiring ITIN, it could take up to 14 weeks.

Franchise Pioneer H&R Block Awards Franchisees National Honors

November 07, 2017Four franchisees stood out from nearly 1,500 franchisees and won recognition from H&R Block.

Allstate President Joins H&R Block Board of Directors

November 06, 2017H&R Block announces the election of Matthew E. Winter, President of The Allstate Corporation, to serve on its board of directors

H&R Block Announces Quarterly Cash Dividend

November 03, 2017

Video: Springfield, Missouri native brings change to hometown area

November 02, 2017Serita Eldridge empowers a team of H&R Block associates to volunteer one day at the Ozarks Food Harvest in Springfield, Missouri.

H&R Block, Block Advisors announce free tax advisory service to aid victims of natural disasters

November 01, 2017To help residents recover financially from recent disasters, H&R Block will offer nationwide free tax advisory service to help navigate tax relief options

Open enrollment for health insurance starts November 1

October 30, 2017Open enrollment for health insurance starts November 1.Taxpayers can avoid tax penalties in 2019 by obtaining health insurance for 2018.

Meals and entertainment – are they tax-deductible on business trips?

October 24, 2017In order to be compliant with tax laws, business travelers need to make sure the expenses they deduct meet the eligibility thresholds and are tax deductible

The unintended tax consequences of generosity

October 23, 2017Taxpayers should be careful when considering giving other tax benefits. In some cases, careful tax planning can reduce or eliminate negative tax effects.

H&R Block helps feds fight stolen identity refund fraud

October 19, 2017Online criminals steal billions of dollars from the U.S. Treasury every year by filing fraudulent returns and committing fraud

Video: Web experience director introduces girls to wide world of STEM

October 18, 2017Find out how H&R Block's web experience director influenced girls in STEM. As a Girl Scout volunteer, Zerlina hosted a spark event to widen girls' interests

H&R Block CEO pleased with IRS Security Summit

October 17, 2017H&R Block President & CEO Jeff Jones’ Statement on Security Summit and prevention of stolen identity refund fraud.

These jobs may come with uncommon tax deductions

October 16, 2017These jobs may come with uncommon tax deductions that could save you money.

Time remains for expats to get right with the IRS

October 13, 2017More expats than ever are learning they need to file U.S. tax returns.

A food bank, a food truck and tax office associates partner to feed the hungry

October 12, 2017H&R Block Tax Associates in conjuction with Second Harvent Food Bank help feed the homeless through food trucks in Lodi, California

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Tax tips for procrastinators and planners alike

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