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H&R Block Brings Neighbors Together at Greenfield Lake

3 min read

3 min read

October 15, 2021

H&R Block

Hear from the neighbors of Greenfield Lake on how H&R Block is helping them improve a beloved community space.

 “The lake is what unites our neighborhood and the 5-mile loop around it is where we see each other walking our dogs, getting exercise and enjoying nature. I lead a neighborhood group called Friends of Greenfield Lake for neighbors, frequenters and nature lovers to come together in love and service to build community and beautify the lake we live on,” said Jordan Timpy in his nomination of Greenfield Lake for a Make Every Block Better project. “I recently asked our group for some ideas, and one suggested a community garden since not all of us have the right space. We have the manpower and the space on the lake, but not the resources to make this dream a reality.”

Volunteers empty wheelbarrows of dirt into a garden bed.
Volunteers work on the garden beds at Greenfield Lake’s new community garden.

The Greenfield Lake community in Wilmington, N.C. was selected earlier this year for a Make Every Block Better grant as part of H&R Block and Nextdoor’s partnership to connect neighbors and uplift communities. For Timpy’s community, their selection meant his neighborhood group could bring their idea for a community garden to life. The lake is an important space for neighbors to get outside the city, enjoy nature and build social connections. In fact, the drive where it’s located used to be known as Community Drive. Timpy established the Friends of Greenfield Lake to bring neighbors together to build community and clean up the neighborhood. It’s grown even larger, bringing together a number of neighborhoods.

Working with local small businesses like Awe Outdoors, Farmers Supply Co., and William Johnson Picnic Table Maker, Greenfield Lake neighbors gathered for a volunteer day. They came together to build new garden beds and seating and create a needed space in the neighborhood to grow produce along with community connections. Physical community spaces, like community gardens, play a significant role in social interactions, meaning people are less likely to experience social isolation when they have access to neighborhood amenities. H&R Block’s Make Every Block Better platform is committed to investing in communities across the country, and address the issues of social isolation by helping neighbors form connections and improving the spaces where neighbors gather.

For the Friends of Greenfield Lake, “it’s something that’s going to bring us together even more, to unite us and allow us to serve our community,” says Timpy.

Video by Agape Visuals.

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