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DIY taxes on the go reinvent the tax preparation process

4 min read

4 min read

March 14, 2016

H&R Block online product, mobile app change the way DIY taxpayers prepare returns

There was a time do-it-yourself tax preparation was a sit-down-and-power-through, hours-long, pencil-and-paper with calculator affair. Technology has re-imagined that process. It’s now more of a do-it-when-you-can, on-the-go progression using mobile phones, tablets – even gaming consoles – to complete and file tax returns with H&R Block (NYSE: HRB), the world’s largest consumer tax services provider.

H&R Block’s always-on tax preparation product is compatible with the general consumer’s start-pause-resume lifestyle. New mobile apps and mobile browser capability allow users to file every type of tax return – including the most complex. H&R Block clients can simply take a photo of their W-2 to import their tax information in an instant. H&R Block also has the MyBlock app, allowing clients to store and organize documents, estimate their taxes or view their tax history for both DIY and assisted clients.

“Now with our latest mobile innovations, the process of someone filing their own taxes is changing,” said Heather Watts, general manager of H&R Block’s digital tax preparation solutions. “Growth from filing with a mobile internet browser is now outpacing the growth of mobile app filing. We have seen mobile browser activity increase over 200 percent from last season and we believe that trend will continue.”

100 percent mobile for start-pause-resume DIYers

H&R Block’s mobile-optimized online product allows DIYers to complete their taxes anytime from anywhere and from any device. The online product adjusts to the screen width of any device and browser, leading to taxpayers filing not just from every smartphone on the market, but even from their gaming consoles or other smart devices.

“Not only can DIYers use their favorite device to complete and file their taxes, they also can bounce seamlessly between devices. They may start their tax return on their desktop at the office, work on it on their phone during a train ride home and then file it at home from their laptop or tablet,” said Watts.

New mobile app for the simplest to the most complex DIY filer

The new H&R Block Tax Preparation mobile app for Apple and Android allows users to prepare their taxes no matter their tax situation or level of support they choose. It supports the simplest tax form 1040EZ to the 1040 long form, as well as every H&R Block product from Free to Premium. The mobile app also features a W-2 photo capture, in-depth analysis that shows why the refund amount changes as the taxpayer progresses through their return and multi-level authentication and encryption technology. Mobile app users also receive the same H&R Block support and guarantees such as free in-person audit support, free and unlimited advice from H&R Block tax experts and a maximum refund guarantee.

Secure online storage, MyBlock, for DIYer and assisted filers

Both DIY and assisted clients can use MyBlock, a personalized view of their tax life to store documents, get organized or get instant access to previous-year returns and supporting documentation. Taxpayers also can use tax planning tools like an interactive tax estimator, a W-4 calculator and a personalized Affordable Care Act (ACA) tax impact analysis and it’s all stored in their MyBlock account.

DIYers who file before March 18 can pay only $9.99

Approximately three out of four typical DIY filers can file with H&R Block’s Free Edition, which includes forms for homeowners, those who give to charity or have a health savings account. Plus, those who file with H&R Block’s Free Edition can earn a 5-percent bonus on top of their refund when they elect to put all or part of their refund on e-gift cards from a number of national retailers. In addition, these users can file a state income tax return for only $9.99 until March 18.

Only at H&R Block can taxpayers file any way they want: online, with downloadable softwarevia a mobile appin one of our offices or even a combination of those options. Taxpayers should visit www.hrblock.com to start their 2015 tax return online for free or to purchase and download their tax software.

About H&R Block

H&R Block, Inc. (NYSE: HRB) is the world’s largest consumer tax services provider. More than 680 million tax returns have been prepared worldwide by and through H&R Block since 1955. In fiscal 2015, H&R Block had annual revenues of nearly $3.1 billion with 24.2 million tax returns prepared worldwide. Tax return preparation services are provided by professional tax preparers in approximately 12,000 company-owned and franchise retail tax offices worldwide, and through H&R Block tax software products. H&R Block also offers adjacent Tax Plus products and services. For more information, visit the H&R Block Newsroom at https://www.hrblock.com/tax-center/newsroom.