H&R Block Tax Pro Go gives Americans the gift of extra time

February 18, 2020

National Time Refund Day celebrates time back from Tax Pro Go on Leap Day and every day

H&R Block (NYSE: HRB) invites Americans to spend their extra day this Leap Year doing something they enjoy, while still preparing their taxes. Making this possible is H&R Block’s virtual tax prep service, Tax Pro GoSM, which saves people valuable time by allowing them to have their taxes done by an expert tax professional without stepping foot in a tax office. To celebrate, H&R Block teamed with National Day Calendar® to officially proclaim February 29, Leap Day, as National Time Refund Day.

“H&R Block is proud to help taxpayers get every credit, deduction and dollar they deserve in their tax refund, and with Tax Pro Go, we also help them get a time refund,” said Karen Orosco, senior vice president of U.S. retail, H&R Block. “Using the convenience of technology, taxpayers can confidently put their taxes in the hands of a tax pro trained to handle their unique filing situation, so they can spend more time doing what they want.”


Americans want more time. A recent H&R Block survey of people between the ages of 18 and 40 years old found 88% would add one or more additional hours to their day if they could. When asked what they would do with those extra hours, respondents’ top answers were, “Spend more time with family and friends,” “Have more ‘me time’” and “Catch up on sleep.”

H&R Block’s virtual tax prep service, Tax Pro Go, was designed for people with busy lifestyles who want expert help preparing their taxes but don’t have the time – or desire – to visit an office in person.

After clients lock in their price and share basic information about themselves, Tax Pro Go connects them virtually with one of H&R Block’s tax experts. Clients upload all their tax documents from a mobile phone or computer, and the tax pro does the rest. The service allows convenient collaboration between clients and tax pros through secure messaging or via phone. Most H&R Block tax experts average 12 years of tax experience, allowing many people to work with the same trusted tax pro year after year.

Go to hrblock.com/taxprogo to learn more and get matched with a tax pro.


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H&R Block, Inc. (NYSE: HRB) provides help and inspires confidence in its clients and communities everywhere through global tax preparationfinancial services and small business solutions. The company is disrupting the tax industry by providing consumers price transparency and with digital platforms such as Tax Pro GoSM. H&R Block believes the best solutions blend digital capabilities with human expertise and care. For more information, get H&R Block News online and follow @HRBlockNews.

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