H&R Block U.S. Expat Tax Services – “How can I use it?”

June 12, 2014 : Roland Sabates – U.S. Expat Tax Services

If you haven’t filed U.S. taxes while living abroad, it can be a daunting process to begin. There are new considerations. For example, should you claim the foreign earned income exclusion or the foreign tax credit? Sometimes the best thing is to just TALK with someone about all of this (oh, we do that too), but finding a U.S. tax expert locally is difficult.

We can provide the next best thing with H&R Block U.S. Expat Tax Services’ remote advisor service. We have a dedicated team of CPAs, enrolled agents and attorneys who can handle even the most complicated tax returns.

How does it work?

You start by filling out some very basic information ­– contact information, location, questions and so forth.

That form will be looked over by our expat team. They will determine who can help you and will get you set up with a login to the online portal. This portal will be the place to upload all of your documents. It will also be where you review your return.

Once all of this has been arranged, you will receive a letter with details of how to access the portal. Go in and provide the necessary information and upload the relevant documents.

An advisor will follow up right away with a quote. Then they will begin to prepare your return.

Once the return is complete, you will pay via credit card. Then you will review your return. It’s always best to make doubly sure that things like your social security number, address and any banking information are absolutely accurate. Once you have signed the return, H&R Block U.S. Expat Tax Services will e-file it for you. If it must be mailed, we will guide you on how to do that.

Don’t forget: many of the same H&R Block services are available to expat customers. You can get a free Second Look Review on previous tax returns and also receive audit support.

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Roland Sabates – U.S. Expat Tax Services

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