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Here's how it works

At Block, you’ll know and understand your price before filing. The process is simple. Take a look at the three easy steps below to understand how to determine your upfront, transparent price.

Get started

The first step is determining your federal base price. Select the one price category that best describes your life situation. If more than one situation applies to you, the higher base prices applies.


You have up to 3 W-2s and/or Social Security income only


Complex income

You have additional W-2s and/or other sources of income



You paid student loans or tuition or received other retirement income



You have dependents



You have deductions and choose to itemize on federal or state returns (e.g., Sch. A)


Add your state price

Next, identify the state (or states) you lived or worked in during the tax year, then add $59 for each state.

State price

Any state(s) you’ve lived or worked in

$59**Per state

Add your unique tax services

Finally, select the additional items that are relevant to your specific tax situation. Here you’ll find your unique tax credits, forms for additional incomes, add-on services, and more. If you’re not sure which items apply to you, your tax pro can help.

Refundable & dependent credits
Child tax credit $45
Additional child tax credit $45
Earned income credit $45
Investments & personal income*
EA. add'l
Interest income more than $50 (1099-INT) $20 $6
Dividend (1099-DIV) $20 $6
Sold stock (1099-B) $40 $10
Misc income (1099-MISC) $30 $6

*If you have a consolidated form 1099, fees apply for each separate transaction.

** Prices for participating locations only

Business income
EA. add'l
Business investment (K-1) $50 $35
Rental property (Sch. E) $120 $90
Expenses > $5k and/or with employees (Sch. C) $160 $130
Expenses < $5k without employees (Sch. C) $100 $80
Farm owner/renter (Sch. F) $160 $130
Qualified Business Income Deduction $30 $30
Use home office for business $50
Unique tax situations
Distributions from an HSA (1099-SA) $30
Health insurance from the marketplace (1095-A) $35
Foreign income / exclusions / credits / assets $50
Sale of home or business asset $50
Foreclosure or debt canceled (1099-C) $50
Misc tax items
Local return $20
Form without return $35
Filing extension $99
Amended return Variable
Research / consulatation $50/hr

*Upfront pricing is based on information you provide. Final price may differ on your actual tax situation. Applies to personal returns for tax year 2019. Prices subject to change. Participating locations only.

Assisted tax filing
from the best in the biz

Get extra support for
worry-free filing

Now that you have a better sense of what you’ll pay for tax prep, feel free to add any services that appeal to you. Each is designed to help you file securely, conveniently and with confidence.


Protection Bundle

Two support services at a great price: Peace of Mind® + Tax Identity Shield®


Peace of Mind®

This extended service plan offers tax notice help & audit representation.


Tax Identity Shield®

Add identity theft protection to keep you and your information safe.

*Additional $15 per person


Refund Transfer

Pay for tax prep and related fees with your refund this year. Disclaimer number 119 . Scroll to bottom of page.

*Additional $25 fee for check


Second Look® Review

Have an expert review your past returns & find money others missed.


Tax Notice Services

H&R Block's IRS experts can solve any tax issue, no matter how complex.

No fee

Emerald Card

Put your tax refund on an H&R Block Emerald Prepaid Mastercard® and use your Emerald Card® everywhere Debit Mastercard® is accepted.

Benjamin • February 2019

Quick and easy

H&R Block is a quick and easy way to file your taxes. The upfront pricing lets you know exactly what you are going to get and how much you will pay.

Happy customer • February 2019

Very Happy

Very happy, I just drop off my documentation and my tax preparer calls me with any questions and when things are ready for me to sign.