Why Do I Have an H&R Block State Filing Fee If I Meet the Free File Requirements?

If you meet the Free File requirements, but still get charged a state filing fee by H&R Block, you’re probably accessing the product from the wrong website. You can prepare returns for these states for free; click the state that applies:

H&R Block State Tax Filing Fee – Additional Details

To receive the free state filing, you must access the account through the state’s website or www.irs.gov.

The Free File Alliance covers your federal return and the returns for the listed states only. If you choose to prepare your state using the Free File program, and it’s not on this list of free states, there will be an additional charge.

If you’re preparing a return for a state not on this list, the cost to file state taxes is $29.99. If you don’t want to pay the H&R Block state tax filing fee, you can delete your state return. You’ll still need to file any required state returns with a paper form.

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