How can I use H&R Block Software Assist to get help from a real tax pro?

With H&R Block Software Assist, the power to have all your tax questions answered is at your fingertips. For all of tax season and all the way through mid-October, our tax pros are ready and waiting whenever your taxes aren’t as simple as you’d like. This service is available to anyone using H&R Block Tax Software, though it does have a separate fee.

How does H&R Block Software Assist work in my H&R Block Tax Software?

Once you sign up for H&R Block Software Assist, you can check in whenever you need us, as many times as you need us. You have unlimited chat sessions available. You can get started with it as soon as you purchase it, or you can come back to chat anytime using the Chat with a tax pro button at the top of the Help Center. Just click Need help? to open the Help Center.

We won’t limit what the tax help can apply to, either. Need help with any of your five free federal returns? We’ve got your back. Are state taxes more where you’d like some support? Our H&R Block tax pros can help with any of your state taxes, too.

How do I use H&R Block Software Assist to get tax help from H&R Block?

To use H&R Block Software Assist:

  1. Open your H&R Block Tax Software.
  2. Click Help Center at the top right.
  3. Choose Chat with a tax pro.
  4. Ask our expert tax pros any tax questions about your return. This covers all your federal and state returns.

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