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You wouldn't go to court without a lawyer, so why file your taxes without a tax professional? Online tax filing might seem more convenient, but many taxpayers learn the hard way that tax-filing websites can be more trouble than they're worth. In 2012, Turbo Tax generated a wave of complaints from customers after delaying refunds for several weeks, and even several months for some customers. And those were just the complaints that made headlines.

What you can't get from a robot

There are all kinds of new laws, loopholes, and interpretations that you would only know by walking into a tax office. For example, there might be a deduction that you're overlooking. Income tax preparers listen to your unique financial situation and apply their expertise accordingly; giving you the best chance to receive all the credits and deductions you qualify for in order to pay the smallest amount. Tax professionals are also qualified to provide helpful information about tax-reducing behaviors for the future.


Crucial Cases

Although trained income tax preparers are superior in nearly every case, there are some crucial cases where the answer is non-negotiable. For example, if the taxpayer is an entrepreneur hiring a tax preparer is a must. Babson and Baruch Colleges reported that the percentage of U.S. adults involved in startups reached a record-breaking 13 percent in 2012. These kinds of workers have to do twice the work that a traditionally employed worker would have to do come tax season.


Individuals who have just experienced a major life change (the birth of a child, purchase of a home, etc.) should also consult a professional for a more rewarding result. Our knowledgeable tax professionals at H&R Block invite you to visit a tax office near you for customized advice and services that you simply can't get from a computer.

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