Download and Install Updates Yourself – Mac Operating System (2015 Update)

Updates are currently unavailable for Tax Year 2015 products. Please check back in mid-January. For Tax Year 2015 and older products, see Prior Year Software Updates.

To Update H&R Block Software, Just Follow These Easy Steps:

  1. Select your state from the dropdown list; then click "Download Update". If you don't see your state in the drop-down menu, then an update hasn't been released yet. Please check back at a later date.
    Please select your State to update H&R Block.
    Download Update
  2. When prompted to save the update file to disk, save it to your desktop. The file will be named HRBlock_2015_North_Carolina_Updater_A.dmg or something similar, depending on which version of H&R Block™ you are updating.
  3. Close H&R Block, if it is open.
  4. Double-click the update file on your desktop (or other location where you saved it).
  5. To complete the installation, follow the instructions displayed by the update program.

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