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"I am self employed and just beginning to understand my taxes. H&R Block has wonderful software that helps me understand my taxes and what to make better for each year!!! We ended up with a great refund and some things imported for us so it made it even more simple!!!"

– MommyMack4

Best For The Self-Employed or Rental Property Owners

A Better Value

You'll get more for your money with H&R Block.
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Priority Support

No waiting! You will be first in line to receive free tax advice or technical support.

Self-employment Income (Schedule C)

We will help you report your self-employment income and expenses from businesses you own or from self-employment work, such as freelancing or contracting.

Rental Property (Schedule E)

We will provide guidance for reporting royalties or income and expenses from real estate you own and rent to others.

Cost Basis

We provide advanced tax calculators to help you determine the cost basis of your home sale, dividend, gift and inheritance assets.

Supported Forms

View our list of Supported Forms.

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100% Accuracy Guaranteed

When it comes to filing your taxes, there's no margin for error with calculations. Which is why our calculations are so accurate, we guarantee them.7

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Maximum Refund Guaranteed

We work hard to get you the maximum refund so you get every penny you’re due. And, no one can get your refund faster!6

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Worry-Free Audit Support®

Being audited can feel intimidating. Only H&R Block helps you prepare for an audit and provides a tax professional to represent you in person — for free.2 We’re there for you, even after you file.

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Free Advice From an Expert

Free Advice From An Expert

Have tax questions along the way? We’re here to help! Only H&R Block offers access to a tax expert so you can get FREE tax advice at any point along the way through real-time chat.1

With our products you get the most accurate calculations6 and the best value

H&R Block TurboTax®
Premium/Premier9 $74.99 $79.99
Audit Support With In-Person Representation FREE $44.99
Forms for filing self-employment income (Schedule C) FREE Must upgrade to Home & Business ($25)
Tax advice from a tax expert Online chat in real-time Call-back only
TOTAL PRICE $74.99 $149.98
Tax Advice From a Tax Expert
100% Accuracy and Maximum Refund guarantee
A step-by-step Q&A guides you through your return
Easily import data from other tax software programs
Quickly and easily import your W-2, 1099 data, and last year’s return
Automatic double checking of your return for issues
Free expert advice from a community


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  • Safari 5.1.2 and above
  • Mac
  • OS 10.5 and above
  • Safari 5.1.2 and above
  • Firefox 3.5 and above
  • Chrome 16 and above
  • Hardware
  • Internet Connection
  • Memory for Windows: 512 MB or more
  • Memory for Mac: 128 MB or more for G3 or G4
  • 1024 x 768, SVGA color monitor
  • Ink jet or laser printer
  • Speakers and sound card


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H&R Block Premium

Available on 12/5

Do You Own A Business?

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  • Guidance for C Corps, S Corps, partnerships, LLCs, estates and trusts
  • Produces payroll and employer forms
  • Maximizes vehicle tax deductions, depreciation, and business expenses
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