The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires almost every American to have health care coverage. Your taxes may be impacted by the ACA. We can help you find out.

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You want to know if and how the Affordable Care Act will impact your taxes, or your refund. Whether you use our online products or visit an H&R Block office, we are on your side, ready to help you navigate how your taxes might be impacted by the ACA.

Taxes & the Affordable Care Act

Taxes & the Affordable Care Act

You can visit our taxes & ACA dedicated website, where you will find easy-to-understand information, videos, infographics and FAQs. And use the ACA Tax Impact Analysis tool to determine your impact.

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Enrollment Services

Enrollment Services

Compare health plans, get help and enroll in health care coverage.

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Pay fees from your refund with our Federal Refund Anticipation Check.119

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W-2 Early Access

Get a jump on your taxes with W-2 Early Access.

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