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Need help filing? Please, step into our office.

We know taxes. But we also know what your refund means to you. So no matter what your tax prep needs are, know this: When you file in an H&R Block tax office, you have a trusted partner, along with the added power of IBM Watson. Together we're dedicated to getting you your absolute maximum refund guaranteed.

We find money others miss.

Find out if you overlooked a credit or deduction on past returns with a FREE Second Look® Review from our H&R Block tax professionals.

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H&R Block with IBM Watson Taxes Will Never Be the Same

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The H&R Block Experience

Why file in a tax office? For one, convenience. We have tax preparation offices throughout the country (and world) with hours that fit your busy schedule. Second, our tax professionals are smart. Really smart. Armed with insights from IBM Watson, they'll uncover every credit and deduction available to you. Last but not least, we got your back. From tax identity protection to audit support, our tax preparers are here for you year round.

Convenient locations, hours, and
services. At Block, it’s all about you.

Refund & Payment

It’s your refund. How you get it and pay for your tax preparation is up to you.

W2 Early Access

Save time by having your W2 info sent to your Tax Pro prior to your visit.

Drop-Off Service

Bring your tax documents in and leave. We’ll do the rest. Yes, it really is that easy.

We know everything there is to know
about taxes, so you don’t have to.

Our Tax Pros

They’re friendly, super smart, and freakishly obsessed with getting your max refund.

Second Look® Review

Bring in a past return and one of our tax professionals will look for money that others may have missed.

Tax protection services that feel like a big, soft, fuzzy, security blanket.

Peace of Mind®

This extended service plan provides you with tax notice support, audit representation, and, well, peace of mind.

Tax Identity Shield®

Tax fraud is a growing problem. We have the tools to help better protect you from tax identity theft.

Tax Audit Help

You need IRS audit help. Now what? With Block Audit & Tax Notice Services, we’ve got this.

Other In-office Services
We pride ourselves in providing total tax solutions, no matter what your particular needs may be. Here are more services you’ll find when you visit one of our participating tax offices.

Bookkeeping & Payroll

Run your own business? We also provide bookkeeping, payroll, and tax advice to small businesses.

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ITIN Services

Need to file your taxes but aren’t eligible for a Social Security Number? Our tax professionals can help you apply for, or renew, an ITIN Tax ID.

Trusted partnership. Proven expertise. Our tax offices are open.

See how H&R Block delivers for clients year after year in our tax offices. Check out reviews of our tax prep services written by people like you.

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