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Common tax problems and how to resolve them.

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Amended returns

Find out what happens if the IRS disagrees with your amended return (Form 1040X).

Read about your options

couple discussing tax options

Uncertainty about your tax issue

It may be hard to understand the full extent of the issue in your IRS notice, or even know where to start.

Determine your tax issue

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IRS return and account problems

Sometimes the IRS needs more info to process your return or has made changes to it.

Learn how to handle them

Filing back tax returns

Failing to file back tax returns can be a serious issue with the IRS.

Unpaid balance

If you filed your taxes but haven’t paid what you owe, or you still owe from a past return, the IRS could come calling.

IRS penalties

You may receive a penalty from the IRS because of late filing, late payment or another issue.

IRS CP2000 Notices (Underreporter Inquiry)

This notice proposes taxes and penalties for missed income on your return.

Tax identity theft

If you’re a tax identity victim, someone has used your personal information on a tax return.

Businesses tax issues

Get more info about Tax Audit & Notice Services for businesses.

How to handle an IRS audit

Although IRS audits are rare, responding to them timely is critical.

Working with the IRS

Learn how to get the info you need or authorize our experts to work with the IRS for you.

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