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H&R Block advises gig economy workers to organize tax documents, file and prepare for next year

March 19, 2018Learn more about gig economy taxes and how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act affects them, with the experts at H&R Block.

H&R Block, LendingTree partner to empower clients to improve their financial well-being

March 13, 2018Convenient access to My LendingTree via taxpayers' MyBlock account gives clients convenient access to their credit score, LendingTree Academy and more.

IRS more likely to question returns than taxpayers think

March 12, 2018IRS more than six times more likely to challenge returns than commonly reported

Common tax mistake leaves $1.1 billion on the table

March 08, 2018Uncover some of the tax mistakes millions of taxpayers are making so you don’t have to pay more than you already have to.

Yours, mine and ours make for a full house – with possible tax benefits

March 07, 2018When parents and boomerang kids move in, we’re helping you answer the question: “who can I claim as a dependent?”

H&R Block Announces Strong Start to the Tax Season and Fiscal 2018 Third Quarter Results

March 06, 2018H&R Block Announces Strong Start to the Tax Season and Fiscal 2018 Third Quarter Results

Win or lose, Oscar award nominees must pay up

March 03, 2018Award shows mean free stuff, and lots of it. All these gifts could draw scrutiny from the IRS.

H&R Block Announces Quarterly Cash Dividend

March 01, 2018H&R Block Announces Quarterly Cash Dividend

Taxpayers can switch to H&R Block and get half off

March 01, 2018Get your maximum tax refund, personalized tax advice and a transparent, engaging experience all for half of what you paid somewhere else last year.

State tax law changes impact millions

February 27, 2018State tax updates will impact your 2017 and 2018 tax returns. H&R Block looks at some tax law changes to prepare for.

H&R Block names Tiffany Scalzitti Monroe as Chief People Officer

February 26, 2018

Tax reform impacts everybody differently. Here’s how it affects you.

February 23, 2018There are many variables in the tax reform law that make it difficult for taxpayers to know how everything will come out in the end. Use our tax reform calculator to find out how it affects you.

A legacy for Lassie: Pet trusts and income taxes

February 20, 2018Learn about the trust laws that have passed legislation in all 50 states that enable tax payers to leave their estate to their pets.

H&R Block to Release Fiscal Third Quarter Results March 6, 2018

February 15, 2018

Divorce fallout extends to tax pitfalls

February 14, 2018Major life events, including changes in relationships, can have a big impact on the tax return. H&R Block offers tips for handling divorce and taxes.

How to fill out a W-4 to avoid tax reform surprises

February 12, 2018Filing out a W-4 correctly can help taxpayers avoid surprises. H&R Block’s personalized analysis and W-4 calculator can help when filing out the W-4 form.

The Price of Victory

February 08, 2018Athletes who brought home hardware from the Olympics will have to face tax implications. Learn more about these taxes on winning.

H&R Block history of innovation, began with its 1955 founding, continues today

February 08, 2018H&R Block continues to spur innovations in tax, business and technology in its 63-year history. 

H&R Block personalizes analysis of tax reform impact

February 07, 2018H&R Block is giving clients a forward look review to show them how the tax reform legislation Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will impact them.

Expats face unique tax challenges including missing IRS letters, higher IRS scrutiny

February 06, 2018For many expats, working with the IRS has become increasingly difficult including missing IRS letters and higher IRS scrutiny

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How to fill out a W-4 to avoid tax reform surprises

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Tax Reform: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

H&R Block advises taxpayers that while many of the changes will not affect individual taxpayers’ tax liability until they file their 2018 tax return in 2019, virtually all taxpayers will be impacted beginning January 1, 2018 including changes to their paychecks in early 2018.

DIY Products

Learn more about H&R Block’s DIY products. Throughout the tax season, this page will be updated to include press releases, product comparison sheets, graphics and other content.

H&R Block Tax Pro Go

Starting Jan. 5, with the innovative, new H&R Block Tax Pro GoSM experience, H&R Block clients can do what they want and get their taxes done by a tax professional.

Disaster and Casualty Loss Tax Advisory Service

H&R Block will be offering a new, nationwide free tax advisory service to help victims navigate extensive tax relief options

H&R Block with Watson

H&R Block explains how the new collaboration with Watson affects you and your taxes.


A new tax law requires the IRS to hold entire refunds of millions of taxpayers until at least Feb. 15.