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With over 70,000 experienced tax pros working in over 12,000 offices across the globe, you can count on H&R Block for expat tax help and expert service. To get started on your U.S. federal and state taxes, find an international office near you.

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Helping you file with ease.

From simple to complex U.S. federal and state returns, we’ve got your tax needs covered. With our drop-off service, you can gather your tax docs and drop them at a local office. We’ll handle the rest.

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Helping you feel confident.

Feel at ease even after you file. With Peace of Mind®, you can count on Block in the event you receive an IRS audit or tax notice. Or, choose Second Look® Review. and we’ll review your old return for money others might have missed.

Helping you get support.

No matter what you need, no matter when you need it, Block has your back. Get a scary letter from the IRS? We’ll help resolve it with Audit Support. Have a simple (or not so simple) tax question? No problem. We’re here all year long. 

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International product & service offerings vary by location.

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What you’ll need.

Here are the supporting documents our international tax experts will need to prepare your U.S. income tax return:

Standard tax forms and deduction statements

Forms W-2 for wages, salaries and tips

Statements supporting deductions for mortgage interest, taxes, and charitable contributions (including any Form 1098-C) 

A copy of your U.S. income tax return from last year

Foreign tax forms, bank statements, and travel

Foreign wage statements (if applicable)

A copy of your foreign country tax return (if applicable)

Maximum values of all foreign bank or financial accounts held during the year

A list of travel dates to the U.S. and any foreign country 

Additional income statements or notices

All Forms 1099 for interest, dividends, retirement, miscellaneous income, Social Security, state or local refunds, gambling winnings, etc. 

Brokerage statements showing investment transactions for stocks, bonds, etc. 

Schedules K-1 from partnerships, S corporations, estates and trusts 

Any tax notices sent to you by the IRS or other taxing authority

Common FAQs

Yes, there is more to it. While there are no special taxes for expats, you may be required to report additional information to the IRS. What you need to report can vary by your location and situation. Rest easy, our tax experts can help you determine what's required. We’re experts in the tax laws that apply to expats for foreign income and investments. Don’t live near an office? File with our online expat tax services team no matter your location.

Generally, no. If you’re an active duty military member living overseas, you do not have the same obligations as a U.S taxpayer living abroad. You can file your U.S. return on base at one of our H&R Block offices across the globe. Use the menu at the top of the page to find an international office near you.

We do have a few international offices not located on military bases. In addition to active military members, these offices can help U.S. taxpayers with simple expat reporting. Use the menu at the top of the page to find an international office near you. If your tax situation requires additional reporting, our online expat tax services team can help you regardless of your location.

H&R Block can help you file local taxes in Canada and Australia. For taxpayers in Guam, we can also help you file your Guam Report.

Our expat tax services team can help you file a federal return with the IRS to report your U.S. income.

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