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Get info on H&R Block’s history, company financials and current initiatives like our community platform Make Every Block Better. Discover how we serve small businesses and communities across the country, build financial confidence, and transform the tax industry.

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About us

Catch up on H&R Block news and learn how we’re using our human advantage blended with digitally enabled experiences to help clients.

Our Purpose

H&R Block exists to provide help and inspire confidence in our clients and communities everywhere. Learn how we’re living our purpose through our community impact platform Make Every Block Better, our commitment to racial and gender equity, our Belonging at Block efforts, and the many ways we’re helping small businesses and communities thrive.

Financial Products

Learn how H&R Block is helping clients plan for the future and improve their financial confidence with Block’s financial products, helping consumers manage their money year around.

Financial statements

Get more information about H&R Block's stock price, quarterly earnings and financial health. Find press releases, quarterly earnings reports, financial statements and more.


Discover the latest offers from H&R Block. Learn more about this year's promotions and how taxpayers can save money on this year's tax prep.


IRS tax filing rules can be complicated, but H&R Block is here to help taxpayers. These articles about tax filing, changes to this year's forms and tax advice from the experts will help make tax filing faster and easier than ever.

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Adjustments and deductions

H&R Block’s expertise on tax adjustments and deductions can help taxpayers gain a better understanding of which deductions are available to them and how to note them on their return.

Remote tax assistance

The Tax Pro Review filing option from H&R Block lets taxpayers fill out their return and have it reviewed by one of H&R Block’s tax pros. Learn more about how this combines the convenience of filing at home with the security of a professional review.


H&R Block experts can simplify tax credits and their eligibility requirements so that taxpayers don’t miss out on credits that can help directly reduce their overall tax bill.


Determining who qualifies as a dependent also determines if a taxpayer is eligible for additional tax benefits. Learn more about dependents, who qualifies and how to claim them.


Efiling is the preferred method to submit a tax return because of its speed and accuracy. But it isn’t always an option. Learn more about the advantages of efiling and what taxpayers should do if they can’t efile.

Filing online

Learn more about filing taxes online with H&R Block from product features to H&R Block guarantees to the latest offers.

Filing with software

Learn more about using H&R Block software to file taxes, from product features to H&R Block guarantees to the latest updates.

Personal tax planning

Life changes like marriage, retirement or starting school or a new job, can affect the tax return no matter what time of year it is. Tax planning throughout the year can help taxpayers minimize their tax liability and maximize their tax benefits.

Tax preparation and services

Discover news about H&R Block’s in-office services, learn more about Block’s tax pros and find out how Block can help taxpayers with taxes, payroll and accounting all year long.


H&R Block tax experts explain taxable income, multiple sources of income, how to report income and more.

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Investors must report purchases, sales, capital gains and losses on their tax return. H&R Block advises taxpayers of the benefits that can minimize their tax liability for their investment activities.

Other income

Whether a taxpayer won the lottery, received money from a settlement or had debt forgiven, it's important to report this information to the IRS to avoid audits and notices.

Real estate

Rental properties, home sale profits, timeshares or inherited houses can all affect the tax return. Find out more about real estate income.

Retirement income

Retirement is a big change for taxpayers, including how they pay taxes. H&R Block advises how to avoid penalties, minimize tax liability and take advantage of unique tax breaks for retirees.


H&R Block examines the importance of including wages from a W2 on the tax return and adjusting a W4 to make sure the right amount of tax is withheld from their wages.


H&R Block explains IRS practices about tax refunds, filing extensions, IRS notices and much more.

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Audits and tax notices

Millions of taxpayers will receive an IRS notice after filing. H&R Block can help them understand what the notice means, what steps they need to take and how they can prepare for IRS notices and audits in the future.

Deadlines and extensions

Taxpayers can learn more about meeting tax deadlines year round, how to file for an extension before the deadline and what happens if they file late.

Refunds and payments

The tax refund is the single largest financial transaction many taxpayers will have all year, while owing the IRS can result in additional fees, interest and penalties if handled incorrectly.

Tax brackets and rates

When income changes, the taxpayer’s tax bracket can also change. Taxpayers can learn about the potential effects and how to prepare before they file their tax return.

Tax fraud

Tax fraud costs the IRS billions, victimizes innocent taxpayers and jeopardizes the integrity of valuable refundable tax credits. Here’s how H&R Block is combatting fraud and encouraging taxpayers to take action.

Tax law and policy

With in-office and digital DIY options for tax prep, H&R Block knows the taxpayer experience better than anyone else, which means nobody can explain the impact of tax policy changes better than H&R Block.

Tax responsibilities

Although some tax penalties can be resolved, reduced or even eliminated, it is best to avoid them in the first place.

Small business

Taxes are an important part of running a small business. Certain credits and deductions can help small business owners but they must also meet other tax obligations like quarterly estimated payments and self-employment taxes.

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Whether a taxpayer is working a side gig, doing solo contract work or starting their own business, they have a different set of tax filing requirements than employed taxpayers.


Taxpayers have tax-advantaged options for saving for and paying for their medical and health care costs.

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Affordable care act

The ACA's impact on the tax return is far reaching from the simplest return to the most complex. Taxpayers shouldn't miss out on the ACA's valuable benefits no matter how complicated.