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How much income do I have to make before I’m required to file taxes?

It depends on your gross income. For 2014, you must file a return if your gross income was at least:

  • Single filing status:
    • $10,150 if under age 65
    • $11,700 if age 65 or older
  • Married filing jointly:
    • $20,300 if both spouses under age 65
    • $21,500 if one spouse under age 65 and one age 65 or older
    • $22,700 if both spouses age 65 or older
  • Married filing separately -- $3,950 for all ages
  • Head of household:
    • $13,050 if under age 65
    • $14,600 if age 65 or older
  • Qualifying widow(er) with dependent child:
    • $16,350 if under age 65
    • $16,850 if age 65 or older

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