File an extension for your expat taxes.

We’ll help you get the extra time needed to get your taxes done and avoid further penalties. Work with a tax advisor or do your own online with our easy tools designed specifically for U.S. citizens living overseas.

Important dates to remember.

April 15

Standard filing and tax payment deadline.

June 17

Final filing deadline for expat tax returns.

October 15

Final due date for returns if an extension was filed.

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Need to request a free extension?

Simply create an online account and send us a message through the Message Center.

Frequently asked questions.

Create an online account and send us a message through the Message Center to request an extension. Our customer support team will ensure we have all the information we need and submit your extension request on your behalf to the IRS.

Depending on the time of year and proximity of the U.S. tax deadline, you may be automatically prompted to file an extension request.

After you request your extension, we’ll file the request with the IRS, and they will notify you if your request has been accepted or rejected. If you have questions about the status of your extension request, you can reach out to your customer support team through the Message Center.

No, payments are made directly through the IRS website and/or the state where there is a payment due.

If there’s the potential for tax liability, payment will be required by the April 15, 2024 deadline to avoid interest. Remember that while your extension will extend your filing deadline, it will not extend your payment on your taxes.

You’ll need to file an extension if you don’t believe you can get all your U.S. and foreign tax documents together by the June 17 deadline or deadline for taxpayers living abroad.

Remember, the extension only extends the time to file the return; it does not extend the time to pay any tax due to the IRS.

No, an extension only extends the amount of time you have to file your tax return. Your income tax is still due on June 17.

Typically, states will follow the Oct. 15, 2024 federal extension deadline, but we advise that you check your state’s website for further information on taxes for expats.

No, our expat tax services will file your extension at no cost.

Interest will continue to accrue until you make your full payment. Penalties will depend on your tax situation, so speaking with an expat tax advisor may be advisable.