Expat tax professionals

Tax expertise at home and abroad.

Whether choosing our team of experts to file your taxes for you, or preferring to do your own, we’re here to help no matter where you are in the world.

  • Designed specifically for U.S. citizens living overseas

Questions if working with a Tax Advisor?

Questions if filing your own?

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We help make expat taxes simple.

H&R Block launched the expat team in 2013 to serve Americans filing from abroad. Today, our highly-trained team of expat tax advisors, under the guidance of our leadership team, works to ensure you’re meeting your U.S. tax obligations — no matter where you live.

Leadership team

Our comprehensive expertise sets us apart from local CPAs — both in the U.S. and abroad — and allows us to advise you with the big picture in mind.

Image of Eric Scali, expat tax advisor

Eric Scali

Region Tax Manager

Eric Scali is a tax advisor specializing in international tax and has been with us since 2011.

Image of Evan White, expat tax advisor

Evan White

Region Tax Manager

Evan White is a tax advisor and leader of a team of tax advisors. He’s been with us since 2011.

Image of Shannon Williams, expat tax advisor

Shannon Williams

Region Tax Manager

Shannon is a tax advisor who has been with us since 2015 and leads a team of tax advisors.

Image of Letitia McGuigan, expat tax advisor"

Letitia McGuigan

Tax Manager - Quality Assurance

Letitia McGuigan is a tax advisor who leads quality assurance and has been with us since 2016.

What makes our expat professionals different?

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We help you understand everything.

Our expat tax professionals will simplify the process and provide the expert guidance you need.

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We’ll help you stay compliant.

Our tax advisors are fluent in all the nuances of the U.S. and international tax codes.

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We have the experience to match your needs.

Our expat tax team is made up of some of the most skilled expat tax specialists in the world.

Get tax help — however you need it.