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Need to file a past-due tax return?

Many expats don’t realize they need to file every year. Fortunately, the IRS offers an amnesty program for expats who haven’t filed taxes for three years or more. We can help relieve the stress and worry of past-due tax returns with IRS Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures.

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Need help with your Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR)?

If you’re a U.S. citizen or resident with financial accounts outside the U.S., don’t worry. We can help you file your FBAR along with your U.S. taxes.

File Canadian taxes with your U.S. return

Filing tax returns can be complicated, especially if you live outside of the country. We have country-specific assistance, so you can file your U.S. and Canadian taxes with the help of an advisor. Just enter your info once, and we’ll get both returns filed together.

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How to pay and file taxes for expats

We’ll go over the expat tax filing process with step-by-step instructions for new and experienced filers.

Important tax deadlines to remember

Find out what the expat tax filing deadline is this year. Our experts break down other deadlines and extensions for U.S. expats.

Options for filing with a nonresident spouse

New life changes often mean new tax questions. Let our experts walk you through how to file your expat taxes.

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Use our online tools to do your own taxes with ease. Save time and money finding deductions.

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