Expat tax and audit help to make life easier

We know tax laws are complicated, and dealing with the IRS when living overseas can be challenging. We can help with our Advanced Notice and Audit Support service for expats, available for just $49.

Even U.S. expats can get audited

Tax notices from the IRS or federal notices require prompt responses but living abroad can make that difficult as they’re often delivered late and sometimes not delivered at all, causing potential penalties and interest. We’ll ensure you have the support you need.

How it works

Add tax audit help to your return

Take the worry away of managing notices you receive by adding Advanced Notice and Audit Support service to your taxes for $49.

Rest easy knowing we’ll receive all tax notices

Any tax notice received is sent directly to our expat office and gets uploaded to your portal for review.

Connect with a tax advisor on next steps

An expat tax advisor will contact you, explain the notice and next steps, and provide notice support as needed.

Frequently asked questions

While some IRS notices can signal the beginning of an audit, others are informational and may require no action. We have the expertise to help you understand any IRS letter you may receive and respond confidently. Reach out to your tax advisor for help or upload a copy of the notice to our secure portal.

Unfortunately, for filers living outside of the United States, IRS notices are often delivered late. You may owe additional penalties or have fewer options for how to respond to the notice. Find out how we can take care of your IRS notice when you choose our Advanced Notice & Audit Support.

Audit risk is determined by a number of factors and your audit risk will depend on your facts and circumstances. However, there are audit campaigns focused on expat tax compliance. We can help you understand the likelihood of an audit as an expat.

Common notices for expats include the CP49, CP24, CP2000, and CP32A. If you’re like most taxpayers, those may sound like foreign terms. But, not to our tax experts. Let us outline these common expat notices and what they could mean for you.