Amnesty for back taxes: IRS streamlined procedure

Need to take care of past tax returns? We can take the stress and worry out of catching up on back taxes.


Get back on track with Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures

Many expats don't realize they're required to file every year. Fortunately, the IRS offers an amnesty program for expats who haven't filed taxes in three years, or more. If you qualify, you may be able to reduce or eliminate penalties. We have special expertise on the streamlined procedures and we're ready to guide you through it.


You can qualify for IRS tax amnesty if:

  1. You’ve lived in a foreign country for at least 330 days during one of the last three years and not maintained a U.S. residence.
  2. You confirm that your failure to file U.S. tax returns and FBAR was due to an honest misunderstanding of your responsibilities.

Our tax experts are
compliance experts, too


Wondering how to apply for IRS tax amnesty? Leave the details to us. Our knowledgeable tax
advisors will guide you through the process of compiling and reporting multiple years of tax
returns and FBARs. With years of experience, we’ll put you in good standing with the IRS. And, put
your mind at ease.

Frequently asked questions

Form 14653, this is a form you sign to certify that you’re eligible for the program, that you’ve filed the appropriate FBARs and that you were genuinely unaware of your filing obligation.

This can typically take up to 6 weeks. Some of time needed may be for our tax advisors to prepare the previous year returns, but in many cases additional time is needed for you (the taxpayer) to gather the appropriate records from current and previous employers, financial institutions and other institutions.

No, it’s better that your initial contact with the IRS is your completed streamlined package.

Yes, there are a few: If the IRS has contacted you first (initiated a civil examination), if you willfully/knowingly failed to file, or you’ve made a submission to the OVDP.